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    "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." -Thomas Jefferson
    • Instead of telling him that he needed to take the offer, now I asked what he wanted. Where before, I heard what he was saying, now I listened. Where before I told him about the Government’s case, now we discussed his defense. For the first time since I started to represent Turtle, we were communicating.
    • We had 300,000 in our prisons only 30 years ago. But now we are addicted to incarceration. So we are giving an addict 38 years in prison, to join the nation of addicts in our human warehouses. Kentucky will spend $760,000 on Mr. Prater if he serves all of his 38 years. We are a poor state. But, God help us, we can’t help ourselves. We are addicted to locking people up.
    • At the 2012 COD Conference, Minnesota State Public Defender John Stuart mentioned a project called “We Are All Criminals” that I wanted to promote through the NAPD network. The premise is this: “1 in 4 people in the US has a criminal record. But what about the other 75%? This project is about the ones that got away, and how very different their lives may have been if they had been caught.”
    • “Lawyers gotta learn to tell the story of the expert, you should write about that for your next blog post.” With that my friend went off to order another round of beer, and I began scribbling notes like, “How can I make qualifying an expert less a litany of a resume and more a story?” When I shared my thoughts with him, Chris interrupted me slamming his glass on the table until beer sloshed over the side. “No, no, I meant the story of the prosecution’s expert who testifies about junk science like bite mark analysis and low copy DNA.”

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    Our community includes brilliant men and women with a diversity of specializations, interests, and experiences. NAPD is a collection of individuals dedicated to public defense and the right to counsel connecting directly to share knowledge, brainstorm challenges, and offer support.

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    No one understands public defense better than the thousands of men and women across the country who engage in the work on a daily basis. Through the unified voice of NAPD, we will at last claim our rightful position as experts regarding the right to counsel and the systems designed to provide that valuable right.

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    The men and women who dedicate their professional lives to public defense must serve as the catalysts for change. Through NAPD, we will speak with one voice for our clients and their constitutional right to counsel.