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    "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." -Thomas Jefferson
    • NAPD's 2015 Annual Report “All Day, Every Day, Public Defense” features the day-in, day-out advocacy that public defenders provide in jails, courts and communities across the country. NAPD is an association of 12,500 practitioner-members focused on public defense reform and achievement. The release coincides with the first annual Public Defense Day, a day organized by NAPD members to celebrate and highlight the work of defenders around the country.

    • Well, just imagine for a moment that you are charged with the responsibility of representing a man or woman charged with a crime and facing jail. At the counsel table, you are seated furthest from the jury (Why? Because you’re the bad guy, even though a presumption of innocence exists.), while the District Attorney is seated closest. He or she has the assistance of an investigating officer, the arresting officers who are experienced in testifying, an array of expert witnesses, i.e., fingerprint, ballistic, medical, and if needed, the full resources of the FBI.
    •   The U.S. Supreme Court in April issued four decisions of interest to public defenders, including on Johnson retroactivity, plain error under the federal sentencing guidelines, SORNA, and AEDPA Deference.
    •  I informed the Trooper he could not until he first obtained a warrant. However, the rule of law and the Constitution did not matter. I was escorted to the back of his squad car, where I was left to stand, exposed to the elements, while he searched the entire car from stem to stern. After the Trooper finished his violation of my rights, he informed me that “I was lucky. I was only getting a verbal warning”. I snatched my license from the Trooper’s hand. Annoyed, frustrated, and angry, I let my emotions show, responding, “Of course, I wouldn’t want me appearing before a Judge either if I were you”.

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    Our community includes brilliant men and women with a diversity of specializations, interests, and experiences. NAPD is a collection of individuals dedicated to public defense and the right to counsel connecting directly to share knowledge, brainstorm challenges, and offer support.

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    No one understands public defense better than the thousands of men and women across the country who engage in the work on a daily basis. Through the unified voice of NAPD, we will at last claim our rightful position as experts regarding the right to counsel and the systems designed to provide that valuable right.

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    The men and women who dedicate their professional lives to public defense must serve as the catalysts for change. Through NAPD, we will speak with one voice for our clients and their constitutional right to counsel.