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    "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." -Thomas Jefferson
    • Now, NAPD releases its 2014 Annual Report, which details a summary of the experiences and accomplishments of its first year, largely told through the voices of the membership. NAPD’s inclusive, sharing, practitioner-led organizational model is a unique approach to overcome the challenges that public defenders and their clients face in their quest for justice.
    • NAPD is sponsoring its first Executive Leadership Institute at Valparaiso Law School. Valpo is being run by Andrea Lyon, a magnificent death penalty lawyer, blogger for the Huffington Post, teacher at NCDC, and now the new Dean there. They offered NAPD a home, and we’re seeing how that works on June 29-July 1. We have 50 places for executive defenders—leaders of organizations or divisions, including nonlawyers. At the time I am writing this, we have about 15 places left. We have a terrific faculty in place. Our curriculum is centered on five vital areas defender leaders need to master, followed by lengthy small groups where the real learning will take place.
    • The Fourth Amendment prohibits police from extending the time reasonably necessary to complete a routine traffic stop in order to have a drug dog sniff a car when police lack reasonable suspicion of drug activity, the U.S. Supreme Court held April 2l in Rodriguez v. United States. The Court previously held in Illinois v. Caballes, 543 U.S. 405 (2005), that a dog sniff conducted during a lawful traffic stop was not an unreasonable seizure. Rodriguez limits the time and circumstances when dog sniffs can occur.
    •   Be outraged. Write your elected officials, the judge, prosecutor, and the mayor. Ask everyone why something hasn’t been done about this practice in the past. Ask what training lawyers, city officials, and police officers receive? Ask about their ethical obligations? Ask what they learn in law school that leads them to the conclusion that any of these practices are remotely acceptable? Ask everyone why something hasn’t been done about this practice in the past. Ask yourself the same question.

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