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    "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." -Thomas Jefferson
    •   This article is an NAPD interview with NAPD member Kimberly Simmons, the Executive Director of the Idaho Public Defense Commission in Boise, ID.
    •  As a national defense community we need to reach out to municipal defenders and invite them to convene and collaborate in the same way that county and state defenders do. Municipal defenders are generally absent from national conferences. We don’t see law review articles written about their work. Clients in municipal courts are just as entitled to effective representation as clients in felony courts and attorneys who take on the task must be prepared to advocate with skills that are customized to combat against the pressures of Assembly- Line Justice.
    • Despite Sotomayor’s pessimistic warning, defense counsel will need to try to use the limitations cited by the majority to distinguish Strieff in future cases. Counsel should try to show that the mitigating factors identified in Strieff aren’t present. For example, counsel should seek to show that police engaged in other misconduct besides the stop or after the stop.
    •  This is how policing will work post-Strieff: police will stop individuals they deem suspicious, with or without cause. They will search them and inquire into the existence of warrants. If they search and nothing turns up, everyone goes on their way, no one any wiser. If something does turn up, then their illegal stop has reaped its benefit and the arrest and search will be upheld under Strieff.

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