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    "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." -Thomas Jefferson
    • With the cooling temperatures, comes the time to put aside detective fiction, vampire tales, and vampire detective stories and turn to non-fiction. Picking up and reading even a few pages of Change of Heart: What Psychology Can Teach Us about Spreading Social Change by Nick Cooney (Lantern Books 2011) will make you a better trial lawyer.
    • The National Association for Public Defense (NAPD) applauds the United States Department of Justice’s filing of the Statement of Interest in the Hurrell-Harring case in New York, upholding in grand fashion the fundamental right to counsel.
    • In August, Bloomington, Illinois chief Public Defender Kim Campbell allegedly "resigned" from her position after having a brief conversation with the chief judge of the circuit that including Bloomington and Normal, Illinois. Ms. Campbell obtained a pro bono lawyer, who contacted NAPD seeking our help. The head of the NAPD Strike Force, Fred Friedman of Duluth, Minnesota, investigated the matter, met with the lawyer and with Ms. Campbell. Upon completion of his investigation, he recommended that NAPD issue a statement.
    • It is time for courts to catch up and adopt a more realistic and rationale understanding of youth development. The continuing challenge of getting courts to consider youth as a factor in sentencing makes it the responsibility of defenders to get courts to change their practice. Our community must continue to educate courts and help them reform their practice so that youth receive the opportunity for meaningful relief that the Supreme Court has said is required for a just criminal justice system.

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    Our community includes brilliant men and women with a diversity of specializations, interests, and experiences. NAPD is a collection of individuals dedicated to public defense and the right to counsel connecting directly to share knowledge, brainstorm challenges, and offer support.

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    No one understands public defense better than the thousands of men and women across the country who engage in the work on a daily basis. Through the unified voice of NAPD, we will at last claim our rightful position as experts regarding the right to counsel and the systems designed to provide that valuable right.

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    The men and women who dedicate their professional lives to public defense must serve as the catalysts for change. Through NAPD, we will speak with one voice for our clients and their constitutional right to counsel.