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    "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." -Thomas Jefferson
    • In 20 years, I believe we will look back on these times as the beginning of the new age of public defense. When we look at the strong, passionate, client–centered, and supportive public defense community that exists around the country, we will look at the groundbreaking work of these leaders who started to clear that path.
    • Tennessee has a grand tradition of holding almost every government function directly accountable to the electorate. However, a major structural flaw in how the state’s indigent defense budget is requested, defended and allocated between the state’s elected public defenders results in excessive caseloads and poor performance across the state. The 6AC exposes this flaw that results in the voting public in the state’s three most populous counties having almost no voice in the debate.

    • The Louisiana Campaign for Equal Justice is no longer testing the waters or reading the weather vane; we are stepping out to educate Louisiana’s citizens and elected leaders on why public defense matters. There is not much time remaining before Louisiana’s judicial districts face an unprecedented and expensive restriction of services.
    • I hope that the state truly recognizes that it has an obligation to ensure that all indigent defendants receive what it has agreed to provide in five counties. But until we see where the money is coming from and whether it will have a negative impact on the remaining fifty-seven counties, I’m going to be keeping that cork in the bottle.

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