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    • NAPD has signed on as amicus curiae in support of a noncitizen appellant’s counseled post-conviction appeal seeking relief from her guilty plea, with relief sought on the grounds that trial counsel ineffectively failed to properly advise her about the deportation consequences of her plea.
    • I want to share with everyone the optimism I have for the future of public defense and the Orleans Public Defenders Office (OPD). I am excited because all across the country we as public defenders are redefining ourselves, reasserting ourselves and living up to ourselves. More than 50 years ago, in Gideon v. Wainwright, the United States Supreme Court stated we are necessary for fairness and justice in our criminal courts, and we are now breathing in what that means.
    • The public defender movement has done a thoroughly effective job of marrying the issue of excessive workloads to the work of a public defender; if you polled the public it is likely that the most frequently associated public defense image is of a lawyer buried under a mountain of files. But as this movement heads boldly towards the next step, I am remembering an indigent defendant named Peart, and hoping that we can strategically talk just as much about clients, service quality, and unjust outcomes as we move forward.
    • Indigent defense reform advocates should recruit one of their strongest allies in the struggle to provide high-quality service: the informed, proactive client. Indigent defendants who fully understand the right to counsel and their lawyers’ corresponding duties to communicate, investigate and advocate can support demands for the time and resources necessary to fulfill those duties.

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    Our community includes brilliant men and women with a diversity of specializations, interests, and experiences. NAPD is a collection of individuals dedicated to public defense and the right to counsel connecting directly to share knowledge, brainstorm challenges, and offer support.

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    No one understands public defense better than the thousands of men and women across the country who engage in the work on a daily basis. Through the unified voice of NAPD, we will at last claim our rightful position as experts regarding the right to counsel and the systems designed to provide that valuable right.

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    The men and women who dedicate their professional lives to public defense must serve as the catalysts for change. Through NAPD, we will speak with one voice for our clients and their constitutional right to counsel.