Actions Taken

April 15, 2017: 60 Minutes' Anderson Cooper Features Orleans Public Defenders and NAPD General Counsel
60 Minutes Segment, "Defenseless"

April 1-4, 2017: NAPD Hosts 4th Executive Leadership Institute for 80 Public Defense Leaders at Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy
NAPD Executive Leadership Institute 2017 Brochure

March 18, 2017: NAPD Publishes Foundational Principles

National Association for Public Defense Foundational Principles

March 2, 2017: NAPD Workloads Committee Publishes Statement on Reducing Demand For Public Defense
Demand Statement: Alternatives to Traditional Prosecution Can Reduce Defender Workload, Save Money, and Reduce Recidivism

January 19, 2017: NAPD Releases Statement on Nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions
NAPD Statement to U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Predident-Elect Donald J. Trump's Nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) for U.S. Attroney General

January 6, 2017: NAPD Systems Builders Members Publish Report from On-Site Technical Assistance Visit to the Regional Public Defender Office serving Texas
RPDO: Making a Difference in Texas (January 2017)

January 4, 2017: NAPD Files Amicus in Antonio Francis Buehler v. City of Austin Police Department et. al.
Antonio Francis Buehler v. City of Austin Police Department Amicus Brief

December 28, 2016: NAPD Publishes Open Letter to Orleans District Attorney Leon Cannizaro re his prosecution of OPD Investigator Taryn Blume
NAPD Open Letter
Legal Aid Society Submits Parallel Letter

November 27, 2016: NAPD Releases Statement

NAPD Statement on November 27, 2016

November 11, 2016: NAPD Joins Colorado State Public Defender in Letter to Aurora City Council Recommending Independence of the Public Defense Function
NAPD Letter to Aurora City Council

October 1, 2016: NAPD begins Bureau of Justice Statistics-funded Survey Design project with IDRA and Urban Institute

September 23, 2016: NAPD Files Amicus in U.S. v. Wilson Serrano-Mercado
U.S. v. Wilson Serrano-Mercado Amicus Brief

September 2, 2016: NAPD Asks New York Governor Mario Cuomo to Support Public Defense Reform Legislation
Letter to New York Governor Mario Cuomo

August 22, 2016: NAPD Publishes Ethics Opinion 16-2 Focusing on the Circumstances in Which Lawyers Can, and Cannot, Communicate with Witnesses and Others Who May Be Represented
Formal Ethics Opinion 16-2

August 19, 2016: NAPD Files Amicus Brief in Christeson v. Roper
Christeson v. Roper Amicus Brief
Christeson v. Roper Filing Press Release
ABC News Press on Christeson case
(with quote from NAPD Amicus Committee Co-Chair Janet Moore)

August 16, 2016: NAPD Writes Letter of Support for Public Defender Terminated After Raising Ethical Concerns re Excessive Workloads
NAPD Letter to Houston County Commission re Ethical Duties Relating to Excessive Workloads

August 1, 2016: NAPD Files Amicus Brief in Office Of The Public Defender, Eleventh Judicial Circuit Of Florida, v. Milena Lakicevic 
Office Of The Public Defender, Eleventh Judicial Circuit Of Florida, v. Milena Lakicevic Amicus Brief

July 27, 2016: NAPD Writes Letter of Support for Independence and Due Process after Termination of Birmingham, AL Chief Defender
NAPD Letter to Jefferson County Advisory Panel and State Indigent Defender Board

July 21, 2016: Litigation Journal Publishes NAPD Letter to the Editor re Unethical Workloads
NAPD Letter to the Editor by Stephen F. Hanlon, General Counsel and Mark Stephens, Steering Committee Chair

July 11, 2016: NAPD Files Amicus in State v. Beasley 
State v. Beasley Amicus Brief

July 5, 2016: NAPD Releases Statement on Judicial Independence

NAPD Statement on Judicial Independence

May 17-19, 2016: NAPD Systems Builders Members Conduct First On-Site Technical Assistance Visit in the 16th JDC, Louisiana
Technical Assistance Report on the 16th JDC, Louisiana (report released July 15, 2016)

May 9, 2016: NAPD Files Amicus in Elijah Manuel v. City of Joliet, Illinois, Et Al. 
Elijah Manuel v. City of Joliet, Illinois, Et Al. Amicus Brief

May 3, 2016: NAPD Launches Free, Four-Part Webinar Series for Boards and Commissions
Webinar: The State of Indigent Defense with Ernie Lewis
Webinar: Using the ABA Ten Principles to Build a Quality Defense System with Phyllis Subin
Webinar: Practical Pointers and Principles for Boards and Commissions with Frank Neuner and Hon. Thomas Boyd

April 29, 2016: NAPD, with ACLU, NAACP and Legal Aid Society, Host Event Promoting 2016 Equal Justice Under Law Act in NYC
Poster for Equal Justice Under Law Event

April 25-30: NAPD and Six Public Defender Offices Participate in National Reentry Week through Media, Blogs and Town Hall Meeting
NAPD Op-Ed By Ernie Lewis and Alex Bassos (with support from AU) in the Washington Post
Richland County Public Defender's Office's Holistic Juvenile Reentry Program, an NAPD blog post by Aleksander Chauhan
Hamilton County Public Defender Office's Fresh Start Clinic, an NAPD blog post by Ann Ohmer
Reentry: The First 72 Hours+, an NAPD blog post by Calvin Duncan
Pinellas & Pasco County Public Defenders Support Broad Range of Services for Clients, an NAPD blog post by Bob Dillinger
Criminal Justice is a Community Issue, an NAPD blog post by Mark Stephens

April 21, 2016: NAPD Releases Ethics Opinion Addressing Circumstances when Defense Counsel Must Turn Over Material to the Prosecution/Law Enforcement
Formal Ethics Opinion 16-1

March 24, 2016: NAPD Files Amicus in United States v. Michael Bryant 
United States v. Michael Bryant Amicus Brief

March 18, 2016: NAPD Fines & Fees Committee Co-Chairs Testify before the Unites States Civil Rights Commission
NAPD members can view this testimony on MyGideon

March 18, 2016: NAPD Releases 2015 Annual Report, Launches First #Public Defense Day and the Tipping the Scales Campaign
NAPD 2015 Annual Report

March 6-9, 2016: NAPD Hosts Managers' & Supervisors' Leadership Institute at Valparaiso Law School
NAPD 2016 Managers' & Supervisors' Leadership Institute Brochure
NAPD 2016 Managers' & Supervisors' Leadership Institute Press Release

February 10, 2016: NAPD Pens Open Letter to Judge Sean Gallagher in Response to Sua Sponte Remarks in Litigation Journal
NAPD Open Letter to Judge Sean Gallagher

February 6, 2016: NAPD and NJDC Release Juvenile Defense Self-Assessment Tool at ABA Indigent Defense Summit
NAPD-NJDC Juvenile Defense Self-Assessment Tool

January 19, 2016: NAPD Files Amicus in Thomas Kelsey v. State of Florida 
Thomas Kelsey v. State of Florida Amicus Brief

January 11, 2016: NAPD Files Amicus in Doe v. Snyder (6th Circuit Court of Appeals)
Doe v. Snyder Amicus Brief
The Atlantic covers NAPD's filing in "The Trouble with Double Jeopardy" (September 2016)

November 17, 2015: NAPD Joins Orange County Public Defender's Office, Other Justice Advocates to Call for Federal Investigation into DA's and Sheriff's Offices 
Letter Requesting Federal Investigation in Orange County

August 25, 2015: NAPD Files Amicus in Luna Torres v. Lynch
Luna Torres v. Lynch Amicus Brief

June 30, 2015: NAPD Sends Letter of Support for National Commission and National Center for Right to Counsel Initiatives to Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte
Letter to Chairman Goodlatte
Exhibit A - NAPD Workload Statement

June 29, 2015: NAPD Begins 3-day Executive Leadership Institute at Valparaiso
NAPD 2015 Executive Leadership Institute Brochure

May 26, 2015: NAPD Opposes DA-Conceived Capital Oversight Committee in Louisiana
NAPD Statement Opposing LA HB 605

May 19, 2015: NAPD Sends Post-Hearing Statement on Misdemeanor Representation; Recommends Increased DOJ Oversight and De-Classification
Letter to Chairman Grassley and Senator Leahy
Exhibit A - NAPD Reports from Members
Exhibit B - NAPD Statement on Predatory Practices in Criminal Courts
Exhibit C - NAPD Workload Statement
Exhibit D - Louisville Law Review Article

May 13, 2015: NAPD Releases Statement on Predatory Fines and Fees; Joins Pretrial Justice Institute for Support; Offers Free Advocacy Webinar
Fines and Fees Press Release
Fines and Fees Press Release with Pretrial Justice Institute
Policy Statement on the Predatory Collection of Costs, Fines and Fees in America's Criminal Courts
Article in St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Letter to Missouri Supreme Court

April 22, 2015: NAPD Files Amicus in Nguyen v. North Dakota
Nguyen v. North Dakota Amicus Brief

March 24, 2015: NAPD Approves Workloads Policy Statement
Workloads Policy Statement

March 20, 2015: NAPD Supports Maryland Public Defender’s Office Effort to Control Excessive Caseloads
Maryland HB 1119 Letter of Support

March 19, 2014: NAPD Files Amicus in Support of the Independence of the Hinds County Public Defender’s Office
Press Release
Amicus Brief

March 18, 2015: NAPD Releases First Annual Report
NAPD 2014 Annual Report

February 16, 2016: NAPD FIles Amicus in Bright v. Galilla County
Bright v. Galilla County Amicus Brief

February 11, 2015: NAPD IT Committee Releases Case Management Systems Comparison Resource
CMS Comparison Resource

January 21, 2015: NAPD Joins Constitution Project and Leap Institute to Advocate for Fair Trial in Holmes Case
Reviled Clients and our Constitution by Tim Young and Sarah E. Tuberville
The State of Colorado vs. James Holmes: Why the death penalty? by Xavier Amador

December 19, 2014: NAPD Releases First Ethics Opinion
Formal Ethics Opinion 14-1

December 19, 2014: NAPD Releases Statement on Michael Brown and Eric Garner

NAPD Statement on Michael Brown and Eric Garner

December 15, 2014: NAPD Files Amicus in Angelica C. Nelson v. Wisconsin
Angelica C. Nelson v. Wisconsin Amicus Brief

October 15, 2014: NAPD Files Amicus in Grassi v. Colorado
Grassi v. Colorado Amicus Brief

October 7, 2014: NAPD Writes Letter to New York Governor Mario Cuomo to Intervene in the Issues Rasied by the Hurrell-Harring Lawsuits
NAPD Letter to New York Governor Mario Cuomo

August 18-22, 2014: NAPD Co-Sponsors Workloads Leadership Institute with Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy
NAPD-DPA 2014 Workloads Leadership Institute Brochure

August 14, 2014: NAPD Files Amicus in United States v. Rodriguez-Vega
United States v. Rodriguez-Vega Amicus Brief

July 29, 2014: NAPD Pens Letter to Humboldt County Board of Supervisors about Resource Disparity of Prosecutors and Public Defenders
NAPD Letter to Humboldt County, CA Board of Supervisors, as covered in the Times Standard-News

July 30, 2014: NAPD Reaches out to Bureau of Justice Statistics to Improve Accuracy of Federal Reporting in Response to Reports Releases NCJ 246683, 246684
NAPD Letter to BJS

June 30, 2014: NAPD Opposes Manager's Consideration of Flat Fee Contracts in Carson City, NV
NAPD Letter to Carson City Manager

October 8, 2013: NAPD Warns Policy Makers in Fresno, CA about the Effect of Crushing Workloads on Attorney Performance
Letter to Fresno County, CA Board of Supervisors


April 16, 2017: 60 Minutes' Anderson Cooper features the Orleans Public Defenders and NAPD General Counsel in a substantive segment about public defenders' excessive workloads, pervasive injustice, and the obligation of defenders to resist the "conveyer belt" of mass-incarceration. You can watch the compelling segment HERE 

On March 18, 2017 - the 54th anniversary of the Gideon v. Wainright decision - NAPD published its Foundational Principleswhich are recommended to NAPD members and other persons and organizations interested in advancing the cause of equal justice for accused persons.  


On March 2, 2017, NAPD released its Statement on Reducing Demand For Public Defense: Alternatives to Traditional Prosecution Can Reduce Defender Workload, Save Money, and Reduce RecidivismThere are more than 2 million people in jail and prison in the United States. This is a four-fold increase since 1980. This increase and the racial disproportionality among incarcerated people has led to alliances across the political spectrum to address the impact on people and on budgets.  As the new Coalition for Public Safety has put it, “Our country has an ‘overcriminalization’ problem and an ‘overincarceration’ problem — and it’s getting worse." NAPD authored this statement because there is a great opportunity to make transformative changes that can improve justice and save money.  A variety of organizations representing a wide spectrum of political views have joined together to end the systematic problem of overcriminalization and narrow the net of incarceration by reforming criminal codes.