Monday, March 26, 2018

Investigators and Social Workers & Sentencing Advocates' Conference

Start Date: 3/26/2018 1:00 PM EST
End Date: 3/29/2018 12:00 PM EST

Venue Name: Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center

2 E 14th Ave
Denver, CO  United States80203

Organization Name: National Association for Public Defense

Jeff Sherr
Phone: 859 629 9152

NAPD's First Investigator and Social Workers/Sentencing Advocates Conference.

These conferences will feature nationally recoginized faculty in a mix of plenary sessions, simultaneous sessions and small group breakouts.  Participants will have the opportunity to chose sessions to best fit their individual needs.  There will also be networking opportunities to create relationships to sustain the support provided during the live event. 

The curriculum is being designed by two experiences planning teams working with NAPD's Training Director Jeff Sherr.

Featured Speakers and joint sessions include

  • Jonathan Rapping, President and Founder of Gideon's Promise, on Client Centered Defense Teams and Issues of Race in the Criminal Justice System
  • Secondary Trauma
  • Safety in the Field
  • Gangs Culture
Other Topics to include
       Investigators                Social Workers and Sentencing Advocates
  • Digital Evidence
  • Cell Site Analysis
  • Eyewitness Identification
  • Working with Experts
  • Medical Records
  • Social Media Investigation
  • Report Writing
  • Testifying
  • Ethics
  • and many more
  • Client Relationships and Interviewing
  • Developing and Writing Reports
  • Social History Videos
  • Children as clients
  • Opiates
  • Working with Experts
  • Small groups breakouts on
    • Interviewing
    • Report Writing
  • and many more


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Registration Opens
11/27/2017 6:06 PM

Early Bird Discount Ends
1/15/2018 6:06 PM

Late Fee Charge Begins
3/1/2018 6:06 PM

Registration Closes
3/12/2018 6:06 PM

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On March 18, 2017 - the 54th anniversary of the Gideon v. Wainright decision - NAPD published its Foundational Principles, which are recommended to NAPD members and other persons and organizations interested in advancing the cause of equal justice for accused persons.