• NAPD members hard at work. Photo (c) Lorinda Youngcourt

  • Ohio State Public Defender Tim Young presents at an annual NAPD Executive Leadership Institute. Photo (c) Lorinda Youngcourt

  • San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi leads a protest in response to police killings in the Bay area. Photo (c) Jeff Adachi 

  • Hamilton County (OH) public defenders provide expungement services to their clients. 

  • In the wake of protests over justice for Freddie Gray, Baltimore public defenders arrive at the jail house to provide counsel for arrested protesters. Photo (c) Katie D'Adamo

  • Louisiana public defender Mark Plaisance argues for the retroactive application of Miller before the US Supreme Court. Image used with permission (c) Art Lien/www.courtartist.com

  • The struggle to end excessive workloads was the galvanizing issue for NAPD's formation; Orleans Public Defenders take their struggle to prime time. Photo used with permission.

NAPD calls on bar leaders, judges, prosecutors and people desirous of a constitutional legal system to support public defense independence and creation of nonpartisan Governing Boards constructed to ensure the independence of the public defense program and the independent representation of individual clients.
Read our Call to Action for the Independence of Public Defense Leaders and Programs HERE

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