• This graphic says it all, designed for public defenders, by Legal Aid Society public defender Celia Givens. Used with permission.

  • Ohio State Public Defender Tim Young presents at an annual NAPD Executive Leadership Institute. Photo (c) Lorinda Youngcourt

  • San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi leads a protest in response to police killings in the Bay area. Photo (c) Jeff Adachi 

  • NAPD members hard at work. Photo (c) Lorinda Youngcourt

  • Hamilton County (OH) public defenders provide expungement services to their clients. 

  • In the wake of protests over justice for Freddie Gray, Baltimore public defenders arrive at the jail house to provide counsel for arrested protesters. Photo (c) Katie D'Adamo

  • Louisiana public defender Mark Plaisance argues for teh retroactive application of Miller before the US Supreme Court. Image used with permission (c) Art Lien/www.courtartist.com

  • The struggle to end excessive workloads was the galvanizing issue for NAPD's formation; Orleans Public Defenders take their struggle to prime time. Photo used with permission.

NAPD mourns the passing of Norm Lefstein, who has been a friend, colleague and reformer of public defense systems for more than 5 decades. A prolific thinker, writer, advocate, and mentor, he is the architect of public defense reform. A light in our community has gone out, but his legacy will last for many, many years.  

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