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Stronger Together, NAPD Needs You

Wow, in the five years since NAPD was created, we have grown into a public defense organization of over 18,000 members.  NAPD belongs to all of us, and we encourage you to be more involved. Whether you are a leader or a line defender, a lawyer, an investigator or support staff, bring your passion!

Why You Should Throw Small Wrenches

I have been in Alex’s shoes and have had to fight the disconcerting impulse to capitulate to a prosecutor’s scheduling request to the detriment of the client, especially when the prosecutor’s reasoning was something I could relate to, like leaving early to beat traffic so the kids could get to grandma’s house before bedtime. 

America's Feast

More than 2.3 million people spent Thanksgiving in prison, and that ought to make us wince, put down our forks for a minute, give us pause.  Many people are in prison because they are mentally ill, or they just can’t make bail, or they are addicted to drugs and it’s so much easier to get jail time than treatment.

Appearance Required

Appearing in court. None of our clients like it. But they have to come to court – a lot. Initial appearances. Arraignments. Omnibus hearings. Pre-trial scheduling conferences. Status hearings. Jury instruction conferences. Trial. Change of plea. Sentencing.

Amidst the disillusion, a time for leaders who see beyond the horizon

Thinking back over the years, I reflected on the pleasure of being in Baltimore in October to celebrate 5 years of the National Association for Public Defense, started by a national gathering of people who chose to come, explore, create, and lead despite the odds against starting and sustaining a national defender organization. Yet, 5 years later, 18,000 members, over 200 webinars, an electronic library available 24 hours a day, cutting edge leadership education, high quality investigator, social worker training, a strike force to aid lawyers under attack, a focus on reducing workloads.

We came to celebrate, but first we focused on racial justice

We came to celebrate, but first we focused on racial justice. The NAPD Racial Justice Committee planned the training that took up most of October 20th.  If you were there, you know it was awesome.  If you were not there, you can see it all on MyGideon.