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Supreme Court issues opinions on sentence enhancement under ACCA

The U.S. Supreme Court issued two recent opinions on sentence enhancements under the Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA) for illegal possession of firearms. A summary of both cases is below.

Updates from the Civil Rights Corps

Civil Rights Corps has had a busy start to the new year!  I wanted to give you three important updates in San Francisco, Ferguson and Houston! ERead more in the post below. Thanks for all of your support, and we are looking forward to fighting injustice in 2019.

Kevin "Bilal" Chatman: a Vision of Redemption at the College Football National Championship Game

As I watched him intervene, my heart became full.  Just 6-7 years prior, Bilal sat confined in a prison cell, wearing a state issued jumpsuit, condemned to spend the rest of his life in a cage. And now, he stood before me, adorned in a blazer, tie, official name tag and security earpiece, a free, working, managerial man, a dignified peacemaker making the night safer and more enjoyable for the rest of us, a living, breathing model of redemption.  

Politics and Public Defenders

Politics for public defenders usually involves two issues, the lack of money and the lack of independence. The two are linked. If resources were guaranteed then independence would be assured. Since that is unlikely, and the money must come from somewhere, public defenders will remain dependent upon whomever funds them, including governments with conflicting priorities.