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A Tribute to Norm

Long-time champion, Norm Lefstein, passed away the morning of August 28th. Norm's life work has become the essential infrastructure for all of our work to reform our nation's broken indigent defense system. 

United States v. Davis: Supreme Court again finds "crime of violence" definition unconstitutionally vague

The federal gun law that enhances sentences for possessing or using a firearm in furtherance of a “crime of violence” is unconstitutionally vague, the U.S. Supreme Court held June 24 in United States v. Davis.

ANG Podcast Shares Another Not Guilty Story

In this exceptionally amazing ANG episode public defender Sully, a 30 year veteran, takes what appears to be an "open and shut" gun possession case for the prosecution and turns it upside by showing the police planted a gun on his client while exposing their lies.

Knox County Public Defender Community Law Office recognized nationally for model representation: holistic, client-centered, collaborative

The Knox County Public Defender’s Community Law Office (CLO) was awarded the prestigious 2019 American Bar Association Jefferson B. Fordham Law Office Accomplishment Award at the ABA Annual meeting in San Francisco, California on Friday August 9, 2019 for its holistic, client-centered, collaborative representation model which recognizes criminal behavior as symptomatic of those dynamic influences largely centered around poverty. The model contextualizes client behaviors and offers meaningful assistance to help clients succeed.

Flowers v. Mississippi: History of discriminatory strikes, disparate questioning of jurors, and not striking similarly situated white jurors proved Batson violation

A prosecutor’s history of discriminatory peremptory strikes, disparate questioning of black and white jurors, and not striking similarly situated white jurors established a Batson violation, the U.S. Supreme Court held June 21 in Flowers v. Mississippi.

NAPD Fund for Justice Creative Advocacy Grant made in honor of Jeff Adachi and Norm Lefstein

The NAPD Fund for Justice, Inc. yearly provides one or more Creative Advocacy Grants. Grants are awarded to public defender organizations that seek to engage in creative advocacy that demonstrate public value through community engagement on an issue critical to client advocacy.

Podcast To Know About: Another Not Guilty

There are so many great stories to be told. After a summer hiatus, another Another Not Guilty podcast posted its latest episode on Sunday and I encourage you to head over to your podcast medium of choice, and check it out. Each episode is an interview with a public defender who just won a jury trial.  You’ll hear, in their words, about the case and why and how it led to a not guilty.