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In Praise of Frozen Apple Pie

This feels good. It feels wholesome and real and easy. The rhythmic motions of the knitting, the cadence of this free conversation.  I feel my shoulders start to relax a little after a terrible morning in court where the judge tried to browbeat my client into taking a plea. I tell the story and everyone shakes their heads and adds their own horror story about unfair judicial pressure on clients.

Mind Your LGBT's & Q's

In this episode of Another Not Guilty, the Notorious JBG’s client is wrongfully accused of robbery and assault with a hate crime despite his sexual orientation.

Don't Text Me On The Weekend. The Importance of Reducing 24/7 Availability Expectations in Public Defense

The increasing connectivity of phones and computers has upsides for public defense, like increasing our ability to work remotely, and to organize and access bulky files without carrying them around in boxes and binders. But this connectivity is not all positive.