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An Update from Just City

Please read an update for Just City, which is a non-profit advocacy org that supports the Law Offices of the Shelby County (Memphis) Public Defender. This innovative model is up to a lot of good!

Another Not Guilty: Hakuna Matata

We producers think "Hakuna Matata" is easily one of the top 5 Another Not Guilty (ANG) episodes we have yet released. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed producing it! 

Recaps: 9th Circuit Court Opinions from late 2019

This blog post provides brief recaps of 9th Circiuit court decisions that are relevant to public defenders, including: US v. Harrington, Carter v. Davis, and US v. Rodriguez-Gamboa. Each of these decisions was released in the last week of 2019.

Hernandez v. Mesa: Bivens action cannot be brought for cross-border shootings; Thomas would eliminate Bivens actions altogether

The parents of a child shot by a U.S. Border Patrol agent across the U.S.-Mexico border cannot bring a Bivens action for civil damages against the officer, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled February 25 in Hernandez v. Mesa.

Depopulating Jails and the Fierce Urgency of Now

COVID-19 is ravaging Louisiana with numbers of confirmed cases and deaths increasing at alarming rates, in some cases doubling overnight. Our state has more COVID-19 deaths per capita than anywhere in the country and our hospitals are being overwhelmed with the number of patients being admitted as well as a critical lack of available ICU beds and ventilators. 

Another Not Guilty: New England Clam Chatter

ANG's Season 3 continues to champion the amazing work of public defenders. This week's episode features a bad*ss defense attorney from Connecticut with a 'not guilty' tale of a client who's tough guy talk is all chatter.

Holguin-Hernandez v. U.S.: Argument to district court for a lesser sentence preserves claim on appeal that longer sentence was unreasonable

A defendant properly preserves for appeal a claim that his sentence is unreasonable where he argued for a lesser sentence in the district court, the U.S. Supreme Court held February 26 in Holguin-Hernandez v. United States.

Shular v. United States: Supreme Court defines 'serious drug offense' under ACCA

To decide if a prior state offense qualifies as a “serious drug offense” under the Armed Career Criminal Act, courts must use a categorical approach based on the “conduct” specified in the state statute, not a comparison to a "generic offense,” the U.S. Supreme Court held February 26 in Shular v. United States.