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Policy Work to End Mass-Incarceration: The Latest from Public Defenseless

There are only so many victories that can happen for Public Defense in a court room. A single victory in a single case is not enough to stem the tide of Mass Incarceration. Real victories for the accused come at the policy level, and that is what this week’s conversation is all about.

Public Defenseless Talks with Jenny Andrews about Public Defender Wellness

By day, Jenny is a Training Director for California's Office of the State Public Defender, but when not handling those duties, she helps Public Defenders understand the importance Self Sustainment. 

Public Defenseless Interviews Brendon Woods in Oakland, CA

This Week, Hunter spoke with the awesome and powerful, Brendon Woods. As Chief Public Defender in Alameda County, Brendon is one of the loudest and strongest advocates for criminal justice reform in the entire country.

Biden v. Texas: Termination of return-to-Mexico policy did not violate INA; lower courts cannot enter injunctions in certain INA matters, but retain subject matter jurisdiction

The Biden Administration’s repeal of the policy which returned noncitizens who entered the country illegally from Mexico back to Mexico pending removal proceedings did not violate the Immigration and Nationality Act, the U.S. Supreme Court held June 30 in Biden v. Texas.

Public Defenseless Interviews NAPD Team Members Jeff Sherr and Heather Hall

Over their careers, Jeff and Heather have seen first hand the transformation in the types of people drawn to Public Defense. This evolution from warriors in the court room to advocates in the policy realm has only be possible thanks to the development of new training methods that focus on the communication skills of Public Defender leaders, but this training must extend to more than just Public Defenders.

Ernie Lewis Discusses KY and NAPD on Public Defenseless

Today on the Public Defenseless Podcast, Hunter spoke with former Public Advocate of Kentucky and Executive Director of the NAPD, Ernie Lewis. I always really enjoy picking the brain of someone who has been in Public Defense for so long.

New York State Rifle Assn. v. Bruen: Requiring “special need” to obtain gun license to carry gun outside home violates Second Amendment

Requiring gun license applicants to demonstrate a “special need” to obtain a license to carry a gun outside the home violates the Second Amendment, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled June 23 in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen.  

Public Defenseless: Loan Forgiveness

Back in the mid 2000's, the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program established a pathway for those in public service to have their student debt forgiven. From its inception, the program has been filled with cumbersome technicalities that made it difficult for many to be rewarded for decades of public service. 

Massachusetts CPCS featuring Anthony Benedetti

This week on the Public Defenseless Podcast, I spoke with Chief Counsel for the Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services Public Counsel Services, Anthony Benedetti.