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New Podcast: Justin Heim Explores Social Workers' Role in Public Defense

Justin Heim - Staff Development Program Specialist (Training Division), Wisconsin State Public Defender - joins this episode to breaks down what a social worker really is and helps us define their role in the legal system.

Public Defenseless Discusses Guns & Bail Reform with Cook County Defender Sharone Mitchell, Jr

Hunter speaks with Sharone Mitchell Jr., Chief Public Defender in Cook County about guns and bail reform. Born and raised in Chicago, Sharone understands the needs of his community and you can see how his experience informs the way he pushes for reform.

NAPD Director Lori James-Townes Interviewed on Public Defenseless

Hunter wanted to speak with Lori to highlight a specific aspect of NAPD and the Public Defense movement at large: it is about more than lawyers. Lori is not an attorney by trade, and her experience in social work reminds us how essential it is to build public defender teams with more than just attorneys in mind.

Public Defenseless Interviews Miami PD Carlos Martinez

As a native son of Miami, Carlos relies on his personal experiences to help shape his offices outreach into the community. In speaking with Carlos I was struck by the thoughtful manner in which he approaches his responsibilities as an elected official and the importance of being an office that is constantly reaching out into the community.

Public Defenseless and Professor Carissa Byrne Hessick Discuss Plea Deals

If you believed the many legal dramas in TV reflected actual court proceedings, you would be under the impression that our legal system is driven by the battle of wits between two lawyers at trial. If, however, you examine how our legal system operates, you would see that long ago our system became one where trials are rare.

Michigan's Public Defense Reform Leader Kristin Staley Featured on Public Defenseless

Today on the Public Defenseless Podcast, Hunter sat down with Executive Director of the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission, Kristen Staley to discuss the Michigan Model of Public Defense. 

On Our Radar: September 1, 2022

Welcome to NAPD's On Our Radar blog series, where we let you know about new projects, new publications, and other interesting tidbits that may be relevant to your interests and your work in public defense.