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Why More People and Public Defenders Need to Think and Advocate Systemically w/Olayemi Olurin

Olyaemi Oluri is a political commentator, activist, abolitionist and public defender at the New York Legal Aid Society. As with all of the advocacy she does, Olayemi brings unrelenting passion to unpack the ways in which our system of mass incarceration is allowed to survive.

Could Veteran Treatment Courts be the Key to Unlocking Criminal Justice Reforms? with David Pelletier

Today on the show, Hunter is joined by David Pelletier, a Project Director in the Justice for Veterans division of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, to discuss Veteran Treatment Courts.

The Recent Victories Igniting New Hope for Missouri Public Defense w/Mary Fox

Today, Hunter revisited Public Defense in the state of Missouri with a conversation with Mary Fox. Mary is the Director of the Missouri State Public Defender system, and this conversation picks up where Hunter’s conversation with ACLU attorney, Anthony Rothert left off.

Missouri Public Defense with Anthony Rothert

The Missouri public defense system has been shaped by lawsuits that the ACLU has brought forth. Meet Anthony Rothert, one of the individuals behind those lawsuits.

On Our Radar: October 12, 2022

We are back with NAPD's On Our Radar blog series, where we let you know about new projects, new publications, and other interesting tidbits that may be relevant to your interests and your work in public defense. Check out what's new On Our Radar this month!

The Court Fines and Fees that Fund Alabama with Adam Danneman and Leah Nelson

As with many states, Alabama has elected to fund itself in part of the backs of the poor people who are processed through its legal system. From requiring people to pay to apply for public defenders to a boat load of other fines and fees, nearly every interaction with the legal system in Alabama comes with steep financial obligations. 

NAPD Honors Indigenous Peoples Day

NAPD honors Indigenous Peoples Day, recognizing the challenges and trauma that Indigenous communities have faced for centuries, and the fortitude, strength, and brilliance they contribute to this world

What is Causing the Crisis in Oregon Public Defense?

The Oregon Public Defender System is broken. Due to a shortage of attorneys willing to take on the cases, hundreds of people wait for months without ever having an attorney appointed to their case.

Ray Keith Discusses the Death Penalty in Texas

You may often hear someone say, “the system is not broken. It is acting exactly was it was designed.” On today’s episode, Hunter and guest Ray Keith discuss the ways in which the legal system in Texas is designed to kill people.

At What Cost? Findings from an Examination into the Imposition of Public Defense System Fees

This week, public defense researcher Marea Beeman discusses the National Legal Aid & Defender Association's recent report, “At What Cost? Findings from an Examination into the Imposition of Public Defense System Fees".
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