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Why are some state’s public defense systems so strong while others are so weak?

This week, Hunter speaks for a second time with David Carroll, the Executive Director of the Sixth Amendment Center. David highlights a handful of reports that his organization conducted in an attempt to improve the public defense systems of many different states.

... the impacts of Dobbs v Jackson

Since its inception, Supreme Court decisions play a terrifying role in controlling the lives of Americans. Few decisions in living memory now play a greater role than the overturning of Roe v Wade.

Three-attorney North Dakota public defender office has zero attorneys on staff

Right now, a three-attorney public defender office in North Dakota has zero attorneys on staff. And with public defender turnover rates on the rise, the state makes it difficult to provide legal representation for all.

NAPD Urges President Biden to Secure Release of Public Defender Wrongfully Imprisoned in Venezuela

Eyvin Hernandez is a dedicated public defender in Los Angeles, CA. While on a vacation, he was wrongfully detained. He has been imprisoned in Venezuela since March 2022. The NAPD community has not forgotten Eyvin. We stand with his family, friends, community, and co-workers, asking for Eyvin's safe return. 


Alabama's Opioid crisis

For many, the hearing about the opioid epidemic invokes images deindustrialized towns in West Virginia and Kentucky, but it was actually Alabama with the highest rate of per capita prescription. 

...two inspiring guests from Partners for Justice

In this episode, Hunter is joined by two inspiring guests from Partners for Justice, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support services to people facing criminal charges while helping public defenders protect people from incarceration and other criminal penalties.

...all things Utah Public Defense.

Today, Hunter spoke with Richard Mauro, Executive Director of the Salt Lake City Legal Defender Association, to talk all things Utah Public Defense.


Most people believe that life sentences keep people safe...

Most people believe that life sentences keep people safe, but the evidence actually points to the opposite. In fact, life sentences were never originally designed to last for life.