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Friday, October 28, 2022

Meet up: Investigator 10-28-2022 - With Jerome Greco

Date(s): October 28, 2022

Time: 2:00 PM  EST - 3:00 PM  EST

Meet up: Investigators 10-28-2022 - With Jerome Greco of NYC's Legal-aid's Digital Forensics Unit.
10-28-2022 2:00 P.M........ Eastern, ~60 minutes

Meet Up Facilitators:  Jonathan Lyon & Jerome Greco

About the Meet Up: Our guest this week is Jerome Greco who is the supervising attorney for the NYC's Legal-aid's Digital Forensics Unit.  He's going to talk about current technologies in cases and future ones that we should be learning more about.  His unit handles all things digital and can assist on questions that you may have on your cases. We will let him share his expertise and learn the law on how all of this relates to what we do.  Please join us!

About the Faculty:
JONATHAN LYON is currently the Investigator Resource Coordinator, past Member Support Coordinator and the national survey investigator for National Association for Public Defense. Since the pandemic he has led roughly 90 meetups for investigators both nationally and internationally.  Jon is the president of Lyon Legal Logistics to help attorneys in and out of court with Discovery and technology and has assisted attorneys in multiple federal court jurisdictions(www.lyonlegallogistics.com). He is also a legal investigator for McClain Investigations.  Jon began his investigative background working in a PI firm and then for 12 years for the Office of the State Appellate Defender of Illinois. His primary focus has been on post-conviction death penalty cases. In addition, Jon worked for LexisNexis as an award-winning national trainer of the CaseMap suite of software. He also worked for Lockheed Martin as a contractor supporting government attorneys and investigators with software and electronic discovery support needs. He is a Certified Defense Investigator through DePaul's Center for Justice in Capital Cases and a Certified Trainer through the Bureau of Justice Assistance. He has taught at the Clarence Darrow Death Penalty Defense College, Cardoza, DePaul, Kent, Iowa, and University of Michigan law schools.  He has also taught at the National Defense Investigator Associations Annual Conferences, National Association of Legal Investigators annual conference, National Association for Public Defense, The Innocence Project, NACDL, Federal Defender's winning strategies conferences, Life in the Balance, American Society of Criminology, US Army, and numerous state and county public defender conferences. It is not unheard of for Jon to be invited back to conferences.  Jon is the Creator/Webmaster for the internationally utilized website www.internetsleuth.net.

Jerome D. Greco is the Supervising Attorney of The Legal Aid Society of NYC’s Digital Forensics Unit. The Legal Aid Society is the largest public defender office in New York and provides direct representation on approximately 200,000 criminal matters annually. The Digital Forensics Unit was established in 2013 in recognition of the growing use of digital evidence in the criminal legal system, and currently consists of four staff attorneys, three analysts, two examiners, and one paralegal. Unit members use digital forensic tools, available in the Unit’s two in-house labs, to preserve and analyze electronically stored information, and to challenge the prosecution’s use and interpretation of digital evidence.
Jerome works with attorneys and investigators on issues involving electronic surveillance technology, cell phone extractions, location tracking, and social media, among other fields. Prior to joining the Digital Forensics Unit, he worked as a trial attorney in the Society's Staten Island and Manhattan criminal defense offices from 2011 to 2016. In addition to his work with technology, Jerome is experienced in litigating freedom of information requests and is an advocate for government transparency.

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