Communicators Meetup

The NAPD Communicators Workgroup exists to bring together all staff working primarily on communications work in public defender offices. This meetup exists to support communciators across the country, to leverage the exposure/dissemination of media work, and to serve as a resource for leaders and programs interested in increasing their communciations work. Click HERE to contact the NAPD Communicators.

The communicators participating in our meetups include:

Leslie Brown, King County Department of Public Defense 
Scott Hechinger, Zealous
Lindsey Hortenstine, Orleans Public Defenders
George Jackson, Defender Association of Philadelphia
Sam McCann, Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem
Bob McGovern, Committee for Public Counsel Services (MA)
Wilson Medina, Wisconsin Office of the Public Defender
Tom O'Connor, Georgia Public Defender Council
Jon Offredo, Delaware Office of Defense Services
Melissa Rothstein, Maryland Office of the Public Defender
Maggie Shepherd, New Mexico Law Offices of the Public Defender
Renee Slajda, Louisiana Center for Children's Rights
Kim Sorrells, Office of the Cook County Public Defender
Candis White, Nashville Public Defenders