Fund for Justice

The NAPD Fund for Justice, Inc. is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit entity.

The goal of the NAPD Fund for Justice is to enhance the right to counsel and public defense in the United States. It will fund such efforts as technical assistance to local defender programs on reducing workloads, obtaining education for staff, procuring resources, providing scholarship opportunities and student loan repayment assistance.

Attorneys representing indigent clients face daunting workloads, low salaries and inadequate resources. The NAPD Fund for Justice is working to address these challenges by funding activities that will better equip overworked and underpaid public defenders and conflict attorneys and their staff in local communities by providing more knowledge that is accessible to them through in-person education or through electronic means. This will increase their ability and capacity to provide high quality representation to clients by increasing funding to reduce caseloads. This focused local assistance will support the ability of programs to enhance the right to counsel and implement the individual guarantees of our Bill of Rights for each client. Local justice communities are strengthened when there are strong Chief Defenders equipped with defender leadership education, strong conflict counsel and well-trained litigators and support staff.

You can designate your gift to support a specific activity of the NAPD Fund for Justice. Any undesignated gift will go into the unrestricted support of the Fund’s charitable activities nationally. Disbursements and all contributions made during 2018 will be reported and posted in an NAPD Fund for Justice 2018 Annual Report after January 1, 2019. You can access the form to donate to the NAPD Fund for Justice Donation HERE

More information about the NAPD Fund for Justice is available on their website:
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