COVID-19 presents an immediate threat to our team, our clients, and to justice. As we face this unprecedented challenge, it's important that leaders across the country are able to connect with each other and share information.

Note: Given the subject matter, you should consider this page as a constant work in progress. We will continue to update the site as new information is received, so please check this page often. In addition to a PDF (or other filetype), we have included (where possible) the original source link should you need to cite to resource for a motion or other document (example - citing to a Supreme Court Administrative Order in a PR bond motion). If a court has established a COVID-Response page, we've also included the link there so that you can find as much information as possible. 

Please email with any information, resources, ideas, and/or questions. If possible, include source links and any explanatory language. The more information you provide to us, the faster we can get the information posted. Additionally, if you see something that's wrong or outdated, please let us know! If your resource is listed and you want it removed, please contact us as well.

Thank you to everyone for contributing and offering your expertise

This page is divided into two separate tables, you can jump to either table by clicking on the name:

  • Practice Related Materials - This table is for practice-related materials such as motions, judicial orders, affidavits, etc.
  • Resources and Solutions - This table is for potential solutions to challenges outside of direct legal practice such as remote working tools, mental health/wellness resources, and community interaction. You can also find recovery resources on this table, such as online AA providers. This is a crucial aspect to our practice (both for clients and for ourselves).

Stay healthy and stay safe.


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Name Date Type State Download Source Notes
Affidavit from Dr Jamie Meyer 2020-03-15 Affidavit *Nationwide PDF Civil Rights Corps Many documents cite to this affidavit.
Bail Motion Template   Motion *Nationwide DOC Civil Rights Corps  
Letter to Officials re: Jail   Advocacy *Nationwide PDF Civil Rights Corps Originally from Texas, CRC encourages referencing it.
Motion to Challenge the Continued Pre-Trial Confinement of At-Risk Clients   Motion *Nationwide DOC NACDL  
Resource Collection (NACDL)   Resource Collection *Nationwide   NACDL  
Resource Collection (NLADA)   Resource Collection *Nationwide   NLADA  
California Prisons on Alert 2020-03-06 Article *Nationwide PDF The Sacramento Bee Useful as attachment
CDC Guidelines   Article *Nationwide PDF CDC Useful as attachment
COVID-19 in Chinese Prisons 2020-03-09 Article *Nationwide PDF The Diplomat Useful as attachment
Public Health Case for Criminal Justice Reform 2020-03-06 Article *Nationwide PDF Prison Policy Initiative Useful as attachment
Prisons and jails are vulnerable to COVID-19 outbreaks 2020-03-07 Article *Nationwide PDF The Verge Useful as attachment
World Health Organizations - Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public 2020-03-18 Article *Nationwide PDF WHO Useful as attachment
Prisons And Jails Worry About Becoming Coronavirus 'Incubators' 2020-03-13 Article *Nationwide PDF NPR Useful as attachment
Prosecutors Across U.S. Call for Action to Mitigate Spread of Coronavirus in Jails and Prisons 2020-03-17 Article *Nationwide PDF The Appeal Useful as attachment
COVID-19 Fact Sheet: Practices to Avoid in Jails and Prisons   Article *Nationwide PDF The Justice Collaborative  
Labor Law: What the new coronavirus relief bill means for paid sick leave 2020-03-19 Employment *Nationwide PDF Richmond Times-Dispatch  
Comprehensive And Updated FAQs For Employers On The COVID-19 Coronavirus   Employment     Fisher Phillips Website  
Employment Law Questions Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic   Employment     Wilson Elser Website  
Comprehensive List of State Court COVID-19 Websites   Response Page *Nationwide   National Center for State Courts  
American Diabetes Association - Letter to Detention Centers   Advocacy *Nationwide PDF Source

Additional Information
Educational aid for courts, detention centers, and other officials on the unique challenges and risks of COVID-19 for individuals with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.
Webinar: Treatment Courts & COVID-19 2020-03-26 Advocacy     Event Page The National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) and the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) hosted a free webinar on treatment courts and COVID-19
COVID Court Order Suspending In-Person Court Proceedings 2020-03-13 Order AL PDF Link  
Supreme Court COVID Response Page   Response Page AL   COVID Page  
Solano County - Emergency Relief Implementation Order 2020-03-17 Order CA PDF    
Solano County - Judicial Council Letter to Oscar Bobrow 2020-03-18 Advocacy CA PDF    
Solano County - Letter to Chief Justice 2020-03-16 Advocacy CA PDF    
Sample COVID Bail Motion 2020-03-21 Motion CA DOC    
Solano Co - Shelter at Home Order 2020-03-18 Order CA PDF    
Municipal Court Announcement 2020-03-16 Court Announcement CO DOC    
Aurora - Bond Reduction Motion   Motion CO DOC    
Aurora - Reconsideration (35(b)) Motion   Motion CO DOC    
Combined organizations letter to Governor and others requesting immediate action to address COVID-19 in Colorado's jail and prisons 2020-03-17 Advocacy CO PDF    
Emergency Motion - Pretrial   Motion DC DOC    
Emergency Motion - Rule 35   Motion DC DOC    
First Steps for Bail Appeal   Motion KY DOC    
Bond Reduction   Motion KY DOC    
Felony Shock Probation Motion   Motion KY DOC    
Bail Motion   Motion KY DOC    
Probation Motion   Motion KY DOC    
Bond Appeal Packet   Motion KY DOC    
Motion to Release on Personal Bond   Motion KY DOC    
Sample Bond Appeal Packet   Motion KY DOC    
Jail Visit Disclaimer   Policy KY DOC    
Supreme Court Order 2019-03-17 Order KY PDF    
Motion to Challenge the Continued Pre-Trial Confinement of At-Risk Clients   Motion KY DOC    
Bond Motion   Motion GA DOC    
GA Northern Circuit - OR Bond Order   Order GA PDF    
​​​​​​​General Information Memo to Clients in Custody about COVID-19 and Our Relationship to Them 2020-03-20 Policy GA DOC   Law Office of the Public Defender, Augusta Judicial Circuit
Bond Reduction   Motion LA DOC    
Motion to Lift Probation Hold   Motion LA DOC    
Motion to Release Particular to Probation and Parole   Motion LA DOC    
Omnibus Judicial Release   Motion LA DOC    
Cook County Petition for Release from Jail with Exhibits & Supporting Amicus Brief   Motion IL PDF    
Petition to Mass Supreme Judicial Court asking for relief for certain incarcerated individuals and individuals at risk of incarceration who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic 2020-03-24 Advocacy MA PDF   Filed by The Massachusetts Public Defender, in partnership with the Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (MACDL), and their counsel the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts (ACLUM)
Press Release re: Petition to Mass Supreme Court 2020-03-24 Advocacy MA PDF   The Massachusetts Public Defender, in partnership with the Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (MACDL), and their counsel the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts (ACLUM), filed a petition in the Supreme Judicial Court asking for relief for certain incarcerated individuals and individuals at risk of incarceration who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
Supreme Court COVID Response Page   Response Page MI   COVID Page  
Collected Michigan Pleadings and Resources   Motions MI   Site Michigan State Appellate Defender Office
Supreme Court Order 2020-03-15 Order MI PDF Source Contributor note: [this] might inform other jurisdictions [because] it does a really good job of balancing rights of in custody folks with public health concerns.
Letter to Judges 2020-03-20 Advocacy MI PDF    
Urgent Executive and Legislative Proposals 2020-03-20 Advocacy MI PDF    
Court's COVID Page   Response Page MS   Homepage No dedicated page, but homepage links to various resources
Emergency Order 2020-03-13 Order MS PDF Source  
Emergency Order Supplemental 2020-03-15 Order MS PDF Source  
Court's COVID Page   Response Page MO   Homepage  
Supreme Court Order 2020-03-16 Order MO PDF Source Among other directives, the order suspends – with certain listed exceptions – all in-person proceedings in all state courts through April 3 and authorizing local courts to determine the manner in which the listed exceptions should be conducted
Supreme Court Policy 2020-03-16 Court Policy MO PDF    
Webinar discussing the recent order that is expected to result in the release of 1000 people in New Jersey.    Advocacy NJ   ABA  
Development Tracker   Response Page NY   NY State Defenders Association  
Video Arraignments 2020-03-19 Policy NY PDF    
Supreme Court COVID Page   Response Page TX   Homepage  
First Emergency Order 2020-03-13 Order TX PDF Source  
Statewide Public Defense Update Email 2020-03-16 Policy TX PDF    
Governor's Letter to Agency Heads 2020-03-13 Policy TX PDF    
Motion for Continuance   Motion TX DOC    
Habeas Extension Motion   Motion TX PDF    
Release Motion   Motion TX DOC    
Personal Bond Release Motion   Motion TX DOC    
Letter to Officials re: Harris County Jail   Advocacy TX PDF    
Resource Collection (TIDC Dropbox)   Resource Collection TX   Dropbox TIDC has setup a Dropbox with many resources including declarations, affidavits, motions, orders, and other general materials. They'll be adding more to it as well.
​​​​​​​Motion for Bond Modification Based on Changed Circumstances   Motion VA DOC    
Joint Statement from Public Safety Agencies    Advocacy VA DOC    
Agreed Order to Modify Sentence   Motion VA DOC    
Motion for Resentencing   Motion VA DOC    
Motion to Advance Hearing Date   Motion VA DOC    
Motion to Convert Bench Warrant to Show Cause   Motion VA DOC    
Motion to Recognize Client's Limited Agreement to Toll Speedy Trial   Motion VA DOC    
Motion Objecting to Continuance and Asserting Right to Speedy Trial   Motion VA DOC    
Motion for Pre-Trial Release of At-Risk Clients, Change in Circumstance (Template Body)   Motion VA DOC    
Bail Motion   Motion VT DOC    
Resource Collection (Washington Defender Association)   Resource Collection WA   Link  
Order - Court to Slow 2020-03-18 Order WA PDF    
Supreme Court COVID Page   Response Page WV   WV Homepage  
Administrative Order 2020-03-16 Order WV PDF Source  
Supreme Court Press Release 2020-03-16 Press Release WV PDF Source  
Bail/Bond Reduction Motion   Motion WV DOC    
Lawyer Work From Home Policy   Policy WV DOC    
Name Category Group Notes
Google Voice Communication Tech You can utilize a Google voice to make calls from your computer or through the app. This is separate from your personal phone number. You can also text with it and your voicemails get transcribed.
Microsoft Teams Communication Tech You can communicate with your team, contact clients, and access shared files using Microsoft Teams
Zoom Communication Tech Prices vary depending on features, including HIPAA/PIPEDA plans starting at $200 per month
Lifesize Communication Tech
  • Specific legal solution page
  • Kathleen Elliott (Exec Dir, Idaho) has worked to utilize this service with the jails
    • Appears they're offering 6 months for free due to COVID (as of 3/16/20), more details
Skype Communication Tech Part of Office-365 and Microsoft Teams
Jabber Communication Tech Phone solution through CISCO VPN
Unity Recovery Recovery Support Meetings 7 days a week at 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 9pm (EST)
In The Rooms Recovery Support In The Rooms is a free online recovery tool that offers 130 weekly online meetings for those recovering from addiction and related issues. They embrace multiple pathways to recovery, including all 12 Step, Non-12 Step, Wellness and Mental Health modalities
Smart Recovery Recovery Support Self-Management And Recovery Training (SMART) is a global community of mutual-support groups. At meetings, participants help one another resolve problems with any addiction (to drugs or alcohol or to activities such as gambling or over-eating).
Recovery Dharma Recovery Support Recovery Dharma Online organizes daily meetings accessible via computer, smartphone, or dial-in. Together we meditate, study Buddhist teachings, and support each other on our paths to sobriety and peace