Death Penalty


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This page is a compilation of various death penalty training events and opportunities around the country. If you would like your event added to this page, please ________

Additional Training Opportunities
In addition to the scheduled resources above, several organizations provide a variety of training opportunities including on-demand training, fellowships, residencies, etc: 
  • NAPD's on-demand library of archived webinars available through MyGideon (requires membership)
  • ABC Dept of Public Advocacy Fellowship program [link]
While scheduled training events can be found on the calendar, many organizations host routine training programs that may not be scheduled yet. The following lists those programs: 
Organization Program Schedule Website
CACJ/CPDA Capital Case Defense Seminar Annual

Other Resources
The following resources are a sample of the resources available through NAPD's resource library, MyGideon:
  • Standards for quality representation in death penalty cases
  • Checklist for standard death penalty case
  • Best practices for death penalty counsel
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Additional Training Opportunities
Other Resources

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