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Friday, February 19, 2021

Course: Working with Clients Who Challenge Us: Building Relationships and Inviting Change Behavior

Start Date: 1/11/2021 9:00 AM EST
End Date: 2/19/2021 6:00 PM EST

Venue Name: Online through NAPD's LMS System

Organization Name: National Association for Public Defense

Jeni Benavides
Email: events@publicdefenders.us
Phone: (502) 219-6149

JANUARY 11 - FEBRUARY 19, 2021
Price $330


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Led by Jeff Chapdelaine

Course Description:
This course will examine “in action” using group collaboration and role-play, the relationships we have with our clients, and identify ways to build skills around meeting the expectations of clients who challenge us.  We will explore psychological and mental health therapy concepts to aid in connection, including motivational interviewing as a technique to support clients who are interested in engaging in change behavior.  Finally, we will explore and discover tools to develop client relationships that are client focused and develop skills to deal with resistance.

Target Audience:  
People (all job types) who work with clients

Course length and time expectations for participants:
The course will have four two hour live discussion “lab” sessions.  Each session will have an average of 60-80 of outside time to review relate online videos and or short articles to support our work.  This can be done at participants own pace before each session.  

See the course outline at this link.

1.    This course is client centered.  This is foundational for all language and discussions that will be used.
 2.    This course is collaborative.  In action we learn together.  We will take care of each other and support each other the same way we do our clients.  
3.    This course is an experience that is spontaneous.  Spontaneity is defined as a new response to a familiar situation.  We create a culture of trying new things.
4.    This course demands that we look for a way in to our client’s world and not a way out.  We do not force them to meet us where we are.  We are the professionals.  Part of our role is to create relationships with our clients that are positive and supportive.  We are responsible for that relationship.
5.    This course demands humor, presence and compassion, and actively discourages quests for perfection.  There is no perfect way to be connected to other people.

Learning Objectives:
1.    To develop an awareness of some mental health therapy concepts that can provide tools for successful client communication and relationships.  
2.    To understand and achieve cultural competency as a professional responsibility in a way that we honor our clients lives and unique experiences.
3.    To explore motivational interviewing as an evidence based therapeutic modality of dealing with the concept of resistance.
4.    To explore motivational interviewing as an evidence based therapeutic modality of helping clients engage in change behavior.  
5.    To develop new skills in counseling clients and building positive relationships.
Jeff Chapdelaine
Jeff Chapdelaine, JD, LICSW is an Attorney, Forensic Social Worker, and Forensic Drama Therapist based in Boston, Massachusetts.  He represents clients in both Criminal and Civil cases. He consults nationally on plaintiff’s civil cases and on cases where people are accused of committing crime, working with lawyers on both trial strategy, juror focus, and trauma informed client focused case preparation.  His consulting company trains both lawyers and mental health professionals on areas where legal systems and mental health systems intersect, and assists organizations with organization development.   He serves on the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) Criminal Curriculum Advisory Committee and as faculty locally for MCLE and Committee for Public Counsel Services  training programs, and nationally for the National Criminal Defense College, the National Institute for Trial Advocacy,  the Trial Lawyers College, and at other programs.

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