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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Course: Intellectual Disability: Uncovering, Evaluating, and Changing Outcomes: BRING YOUR OWN CASE with weekly lectures, small groups discussion & on-line resource library

Start Date: 1/26/2021 2:00 PM EST
End Date: 3/9/2021 4:00 PM EST

Organization Name: National Association for Public Defense

Jeni Benavides
Email: events@publicdefenders.us
Phone: (502) 219-6149

Postponed -
We will run this course in April
Check back late January for the dates

Intellectual Disability: Uncovering, Evaluating, and Changing Outcomes

Lectures and Small groups each Tuesday from 1 - 5 pm Eastern. 
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Learn more about NAPD Online Academy Courses - 10 min video
Led by Juliet Yackel, Danielle Mickenberg & Hans Selvog

Back by popular demand:  "Intellectual Disability: Uncovering, Evaluating & Changing Outcomes" offering a “bring your own case” option. Team participation is encouraged.
Brainstorm & work-up your Intellectual Disability claims during the pandemic.
We will focus on:
·       the law, science and psychology relating to intellectual disability
·       developing the mindset needed to investigate and litigate a winning ID claim
·       engaging in critical analysis of the facts in your case as it relates to ID 
·       finding and telling the stories that are the heart & soul of a winning ID claim

This innovative training includes weekly lectures each Tuesday from 1- 3  pm Eastern by experts in the field with small group discussion immediately following each lecture. Experienced faculty lead participants through a series of exercises designed to give participants the tools needed to build a winning intellectual disability claim.
The extensive on-line “Resource Library” allows participants to work at their own pace and explore the nuances of ID in more depth.
Lifetime Access allows participants to access live lectures for all future course offerings & the on-line Resource Library remains open and available to participants for the foreseeable future.
This extraordinary access to course content is consistent with our mission: is to protect all persons with  an intellectual disability from the death penalty. We are dedicated to equipping all members of the capital defense team with the tools needed to discover, investigate, and effectively litigate the existence of the client's intellectual disability.
CORE SESSIONS (all 1-3 pm Eastern)
January 26th 
“Legal Overview & Practice Tips” featuring Emily Paavola         
February 2nd
“Stereotypes & Misconceptions” featuring Dr. Marc Tasse 
February 9th
“Adaptive Functioning, Part I: School Records & Language-Literacy" featuring Dr. Dan Reschly
February 16th
"Adaptive Functioning, Part II: The Culturally Competent Adaptive Functioning Investigation" featuring Jim Patton 
February 23rd
“Understanding IQ Scores” featuring Dr. Greg Olley
March 2nd
“Building a Winning ID Claim” featuring Juliet Yackel
After the 6-week core sessions, we will offer a series of bonus sessions regarding specialty topics relating to ID including:
Foreign Nationals
Fetal Alcohol exposure
The Atkins Qualified Mitigation Specialist

Small groups to discuss your case will be scheduled by polling the participants

Each week in the course you will
· 30 minutes to 2 hours of at your own pace interactive videos and readings
· 30 minutes of assignments to complete on your own & discuss in small group
· Tuesdays at 1-3 pm Eastern. Live Zoom conference Q & A with leading experts.   These are not recorded.
· One 75 minute small group meeting  to discuss the application of the week's topic to your case.   3:15 - 5:00 pm Eastern on Tuesdays 
"I had the pleasure of taking the NAPD course "Intellectual Disability: Uncovering, Evaluating, and Changing Outcomes." This was truly one of the most engaging and inspiring trainings I have attended in recent years. The experts who lectured presented a wealth of information in a manner that was easily accessible to those with little experience, but at a high enough level for those who have experience litigating intellectual disability cases. The facilitators were extremely knowledgeable in helping guide the participants through the difficult and thorny issues in their cases. The online format with lectures, reading materials, videos and discussion sessions lent itself to an exceptional educational experience.  I would recommend this course to lawyers and investigators who are new to the investigation of intellectual disabilities, as well as to those who have substantial experience.  - Jennifer Friedman, LA Federal Public Defender

“I found the ID training valuable.  Both parts of the course – the lectures and the small group sessions – worked in tandem, as complimentary elements.  The small group sessions will be particularly helpful for those who have active cases.  The small groups offer a unique advantage because participants can collaborate to solve potential problems that advocates face as they develop a strong ID case.  I would encourage those who can to participate in the small group sessions.  They add a different element to the course than just the large group lectures alone.”
Allen Bohnert
Assistant Federal Public Defender
Capital Habeas Unit, Southern District of Ohio
“The small group is helpful in applying course materials to specific pieces of your client’s case.  Each session you are able to brainstorm and clarify how to use information learned and apply it to your unique case.  If you have upcoming interviews with specific ID questions you are able to role-play the interview questions to ensure the best interview.”
Jessica Carrier
Capital Mitigation Specialist
Madison, Wisconsin

Every criminal defense attorney, whether their focus is on state or federal – trial or appellate – capital or non-capital – and regardless of jurisdiction, must take the NAPD course on Intellectual Disability. This is a game-changer.  The speakers opened my eyes to issues I would never see otherwise, and gave me insights about and confidence to pursue issues I probably would not pursue before I took this training. Participating in this training will take your advocacy to the next level, improve your relationships with clients, and spark creativity in areas or advocacy well beyond intellectual disability.

Jamie Moore
Federal Public Defender
Capital Habeas Unit, District of Arizona

I highly recommend NAPD’s online ID course.  The series of presentations simplified the complex work of recognizing and documenting a client’s intellectual disability.  Mitigation and ID experts shared what to do, what not to do, and how to challenge myths and misconceptions to help our clients.   I started using what I learned immediately and was able to generalize the material to non-Atkins cases. While the time commitment for each lecture and its study materials was manageable, a great feature of the course is that you can return to the lectures (including new lectures that might be added) each time the series is offered, and to the online materials anytime you want to log on, including after the series ends.  Throughout the course you learn about reference materials important to this field of study.  In addition, NAPD provides comprehensive supplemental materials to read through, if you choose to, at a later date.  For me, the series provided a great foundation for continued learning.
Susan W.
Mitigation Specialist


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