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Monday, June 27, 2022

Darrow/Baldus Intellectual Disability Preconference

Start Date: 6/26/2022 8:30 AM EDT
End Date: 6/27/2022 5:00 PM EDT

Venue Name: The University of Iowa College of Law

130 Byington Rd
Iowa City, IA  United States  52242

Organization Name: National Association for Public Defense

Jeni Benavides
Email: events@publicdefenders.us
Phone: (502) 219-6149

Intellectual Disability: The Essentials
Intensive 2-Day Training Preconference to the Clarence Darrow/David Baldus Death Penalty College
June 26 at 8:30 am to June 27 at 5 pm

Mandatory online pre-preconference Zoom on June 21 2-4 pm ET

Click here to register for both the College and the ID Preconference for a reduced cost.

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Bring your own case and experiential, hands-on learning to enhance understanding.
This format - working through our cases at the conference, with the experts - allows for greater mastery of the material.

Intellectual disability is an absolute bar to the death penalty, making this a necessary area of investigation in every capital case. There are no exceptions.

If you are new to capital work, this course is essential.  Intellectual disability is complex, subtle, difficult to detect and even harder to litigate.

This intensive training introduces participants to the nuances of investigating and litigating intellectual disability claims and features strategies for overcoming common barriers to identifying and effectively presenting evidence of ID.

It is our mission to ensure that no one with intellectual disability is ever executed. We are dedicated to equipping all members of the defense team with the tools needed to discover, investigate, and effectively litigate intellectual disability.

Intellectual disability can be difficult to detect.  Often, clients go to great lengths to hide their disability due to shame and embarrassment, even when it can save their life. Unlike common stereotypes, those with intellectual disability cannot be identified based on their appearance or superficial interactions. Clients may appear “normal” in the context of school, work, family or when we first encounter them as the defendant in a capital prosecution. Education is crucial to overcome these stereotypes.

Investigations face multiple barriers. School records are missing, IQ scores are unavailable or - in some cases - there are multiple IQ scores with widely variable scores. We’ll discuss how to overcome these challenges.

This training will offer the most up-to-date legal and scientific information concerning ID and provide hands-on opportunities to practice skills needed to screen effectively for ID. Students will learn how to work with mental-health experts and how to develop and provide the detailed life-history information needed for an effective evaluation. Instructors will include psychologists, lawyers, and mitigation specialists who are experts on the subject.

We understand that lawyers and mitigation specialists are approaching this issue from slightly different angles. The mitigation specialist must master the art of uncovering evidence of ID, and counsel must learn how to orchestrate the evaluation and presentation of ID. These are related but different skills. Ideally, all team members will understand each other’s roles to maximize productivity and communication, which ultimately translates into successful outcomes for the clients.

Confirmed Speakers include
Juliet Yackel
Han Selvog
Dani Mickenberg
Jennifer Friedman
Dr. Marc Tasse
Dr. Jim Patton
Dr. Daniel Reschly

Comments about previous versions of this training.

"I had the pleasure of taking the NAPD course "Intellectual Disability: Uncovering, Evaluating, and Changing Outcomes." This was truly one of the most engaging and inspiring trainings I have attended in recent years. The experts who lectured presented a wealth of information in a manner that was easily accessible to those with little experience, but at a high enough level for those who have experience litigating intellectual disability cases. The facilitators were extremely knowledgeable in helping guide the participants through the difficult and thorny issues in their cases. The online format with lectures, reading materials, videos and discussion sessions lent itself to an exceptional educational experience.  I would recommend this course to lawyers and investigators who are new to the investigation of intellectual disabilities, as well as to those who have substantial experience.  - Jennifer Friedman, LA Federal Public Defender

“I found the ID training valuable.  Both parts of the course – the lectures and the small group sessions – worked in tandem, as complimentary elements.  The small group sessions will be particularly helpful for those who have active cases.  The small groups offer a unique advantage because participants can collaborate to solve potential problems that advocates face as they develop a strong ID case.  I would encourage those who can to participate in the small group sessions.  They add a different element to the course than just the large group lectures alone.”
Allen Bohnert
Assistant Federal Public Defender
Capital Habeas Unit, Southern District of Ohio

“The small group is helpful in applying course materials to specific pieces of your client’s case.  Each session you are able to brainstorm and clarify how to use information learned and apply it to your unique case.  If you have upcoming interviews with specific ID questions you are able to role-play the interview questions to ensure the best interview.”
Jessica Carrier
Capital Mitigation Specialist
Madison, Wisconsin

The Tradition Darrow/Baldus College featuring bring your own case small group practice is   on June 28 - July 1.   Click here to register for both events at a discount price.

The Clarence Darrow/David Baldus Death Penalty College is an annual training program for capital defense attorneys, mitigation specialists, and capital investigators held in downtown Iowa City at the University of Iowa College of Law, located in the heart of the campus.

The program is held in honor of the late Professor David Baldus, whose thorough, groundbreaking capital punishment research significantly impacted the death penalty defense community and legal community as a whole. Professor Baldus is best known for “the Baldus study,” cited by the United States Supreme Court in McCleskey v. Kemp, although his research extends far beyond.
Pricing includes lunch each day

Early Bird pricing  before  May 1
Members - $400
Non Members - $500

After  May  1
Members - $450
Non Members - $550

There is a $100 discount for every registration from an organization after the first 3.

We do have a limited number of registration cost scholarships available.  To apply fill out this application by March 5. 

We have a room block at $96 (plus taxes and fees) including breakfast at the Hyatt Place Iowa City Downtown

NAPD Cancellation Policy
NAPD doesn't apply for CLE or track attendance to provide certifications for our live webinars, conferences and online courses. This helps us keep the price as low as possible and avoids the disruption of the flow of the training required by many states to verify attendance.
We are able to provide CLE for dozens of recorded sessions from previous training for NAPD members in most states.   These sessions are only $10 per credit hour.   For more details, log in with your NAPD credentials at this link.     

By registering for this training, I am affirming that today I am neither a prosecutor, nor attending this training  with the purpose of aiding the prosecution of any criminally accused.   I further affirm that I  am dedicated to the ideals of the criminal defense practitioner, and am committed to the causes of effective and zealous defense of those charged with crimes, the protection and assertion of constitutional rights afforded the criminally accused, and the recognition and preservation of human dignity of those charged with crimes.  I further affirm that my use of the information provided by this training  will not be used by me in any manner which would impugn the above set out ideals.

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