Indigent Defense Commission Meetup

The NAPD Indigent Defense Commissions Meetup brings together the leaders/senior staff of statewide public defense commissions from across the United States. The work of commissions—funding, overseeing, and improving public defender, contract, and assigned counsel programs across the state—is often different from providing direct representation, with its own set of challenges and opportunities. The group meets by phone monthly and in-person yearly to share knowledge, discuss obstacles, and cooperate with sister commissions. Click HERE to contact the NAPD Indigent Defense Commissions (IDC) Meetup.

Participating Leaders/Commissions:

Justin Andrus, Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services
Matthew Barazza, Utah Indigent Defense Commission
Bennet Baur, Law Offices of the Public Defender (NM)
Geoff Burkhart, Texas Indigent Defense Commission
Heather Cessna, Board of Indigent Defense Services (KS)
Andre Du'Gruy, Office of the State Public Defender (MS)
Dana Eddy, Public Defense Services Corporation (WY)
Kathleen Elliot, Idaho Indigent Defense Commission
Maria Janowski, Virginia Indigent Defense Commission
Marcie Ryba, Department of Indigent Defense Services (NV)
Kimberly Simmons, Colorado Office of Alternate Defense Counsel