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Chief Public Defender
The Chief Public Defender is responsible for providing and supervising the provision of legal representation to all persons statutorily and constitutionally entitled to such representation when appointed to do so by the District Court of the Fifth Judicial District of the State of Idaho in and for the County of Blaine and the Magistrate&rsquo;s Division thereof. The Chief Public Defender shall also advise the Blaine County Board of Commissioners of the operations of the Public Defense department and shall also, in accordance with Idaho budgetary laws, policies and procedures, submit a proposed budget for the department for each ensuing fiscal year.<br /> <br /> The Chief Public Defender is responsible for providing and supervising the provision of legal representation at all stages of every case in which the courts shall appoint the Blaine County Public Defender. Such representation shall be provided in accordance with the Idaho Rules of Professional Conduct and guided by the Standards for Public Defenders promulgated by the American Bar Association. Representation shall extend to all appeals, applications for a writ of habeas corpus and post-conviction remedies when appointed to do so by the court.<br /> <br /> Other responsibilities of the Chief Public Defender include: providing guidance to staff regarding technical and legal issues; directing, preparing, and presenting the department&rsquo;s proposed annual budget and monitoring approved budget expenditures; overall supervision of employees including evaluating work performance, counseling employees on programs, policies and procedures, and resolving complaints and taking disciplinary action when needed.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;
Position: Chief Public Defender
Organization: Blaine County
Location: Hailey,  ID 
United States
Salary: $126,837
Posting Start Date:
Date Posted: 10/1/2021
Requirements <ul> <li>Responds to and serves the public with excellent customer service.</li> <li>Demonstrates and models a commitment to providing representation for indigent defendants within the safeguards of the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article I, Section 13 of the Idaho Constitution.</li> <li>Consults with defendants regarding post-sentencing options and motions, including but not limited to filing appeals and Idaho Criminal Rule 35 motions.</li> <li>Plans, implements, coordinates, directs, establishes priorities and evaluates public legal defense and representation functions and whether such representation complies with relevant standards and guidelines established for criminal defense work.</li> <li>Adopts and uses a database program that both allows for case management and document management, as well as reporting functions.</li> <li>Supervises, coordinates, advises, and oversees the work of staff attorneys and other staff of the department.</li> <li>Develops and implements legal and departmental policy and procedural guidelines, subject to general policy direction from the Board of County Commissioners and the State Public Defense Commission.</li> <li>Manages all human resource issues and ensures compliance with all applicable rules, laws, and regulations.</li> <li>Prepares and submits annual budgets, full cost accountings, administrative reports, and grant and contract documentation.</li> <li>Subject to the rules of confidentiality set forth in the applicable rules of professional conduct, maintains communications with the County Administrator, Board of County Commissioners, other department heads, and the legal community.</li> <li>Responsible for compilation and maintenance of departmental records, including, at a minimum, an annual report as required by Idaho Code &sect;19-864.</li> <li>Ensures compliance by individual staff and the department as a whole, with relevant guidelines established by the County, the American Bar Association, the Idaho Rules of Professional Conduct, and the National Legal Aid and Defender Association regarding criminal defense.</li> <li>Performs other related duties as requested by the County Administrator, provided the performance of such duties would not violate the rules of professional conduct.</li> </ul> Additional Information:&nbsp;<a href="https://www.co.blaine.id.us/DocumentCenter/View/16974/Chief-Public-Defender-Job-Announcement">https://www.co.blaine.id.us/DocumentCenter/View/16974/Chief-Public-Defender-Job-Announcement</a><br /> <br /> Apply Here:&nbsp;<a href="https://www.co.blaine.id.us/FormCenter/Administrative-Services-16/Application-for-Employment-83">https://www.co.blaine.id.us/FormCenter/Administrative-Services-16/Application-for-Employment-83</a>
Status: This listing expires on: 12/30/2021
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Blaine County
206 S. 1st Avenue
Suite 300
Hailey,  ID 83333
United States
(208) 578-3828
Justin Highhouse