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Assistant Public Defender 4 (Supervising Attorney) – Death Penalty Department
Apply via Careers.Ohio.gov: <a href="https://dasstateoh.taleo.net/careersection/oh_ext/jobdetail.ftl?job=210007J8&amp;tz=GMT-04%3A00&amp;tzname=America%2FNew_Yor">direct posting link</a><br /> The Office of the Ohio Public Defender is seeking to fill the&nbsp;Assistant Public Defender 4, Supervising Attorney position in the Death Penalty Department. The successful candidate will possess and exercise leadership skills in order to effectively supervise Assistant Public Defenders and work&nbsp;collaboratively with others on the defense team to&nbsp;ensure that the agency&rsquo;s mission and values are communicated to staff, integrated into their goals, and reflected in their work on behalf of clients. The successful candidate must model a strong commitment to indigent defense, the capacity to work with clients facing the ultimate penalty, and the compassion to professionally interact with all segments of the criminal justice system, including defendants, victims or victims&rsquo; family members, investigators, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges, jurors, support staff members, medical professionals, and mental health professionals.&nbsp; The successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to support and communicate agency policy within the Death Penalty Department and throughout the agency.<br /> The essential duties of a Supervising Attorney in the Death Penalty Department are: <ul> <li><strong>Ohio Public Defender Mission, Vision, and Values.</strong>&nbsp;As part of the OPD management team, a Death Penalty Department Supervisor supports the OPD mission of advocating, fighting, and helping to create an environment where the OPD vision of a fair justice system can thrive. A Death Penalty Department Supervisor is part of the OPD management team whose behavior models OPD values of compassion, dignity, equity, integrity, service, and community.&nbsp; This includes fostering community within the department and helping to reach the rest of the agency through networking and cross-departmental work.</li> <li><strong>Supervision.&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong>A Death Penalty Department Supervisor directly supervises capital defense attorneys who provide post-verdict capital representation on direct appeal, in postconviction, in federal habeas, in clemency, and in collateral litigation related to those areas of representation. Primary duties include reviewing, editing, and approving work product drafted by staff attorneys; and assisting attorneys in preparing for oral argument.&nbsp; Supervisors complete timely&nbsp;annual performance evaluations, working with employees to set performance goals, coaching&nbsp;to develop performance, prioritizing&nbsp;and approving&nbsp;work schedules, identifying&nbsp;and/or approving training opportunities for staff, approving&nbsp;work and leave time for payroll purposes, and carrying out other administrative tasks, potentially including the initiation of disciplinary actions.</li> <li><strong>Team Defense Leadership.&nbsp;</strong>Capital litigation typically involves a team of attorneys, mitigation specialists, fact investigators, and support staff.&nbsp; Death Penalty Department Supervisors act as Case Supervisor for assigned cases in the Death Penalty Department. Case Supervisors are responsible to develop, facilitate, and foster a team defense concept. Members of a&nbsp;capital defense team work collaboratively with all of the team members by including all team members in all case communications (emails, meetings, etc.); sharing ideas and encouraging other team members to share their ideas; and maintaining accurate and current case file information available to all team members. Timely, accurate, and clear communication among all team members is essential.&nbsp; Team members are expected to communicate effectively with each other and to seek clarification when necessary. Case Supervisors model this behavior for team members, mentor and coach team members on successful team defense communication and intervene when necessary to address problematic team dynamics. Case Supervisors monitor and enforce team compliance with Department Best Practices.</li> <li><strong>New Lawyer Training.</strong>&nbsp; A Death Penalty Department Supervisor has primary responsibility to train new hires assigned to that Supervisor. Capital defense work requires a command of complex legal issues, team defense skills, exemplary legal research and writing skills, and a dedication to capital defense work. A Death Penalty Department Supervisor assesses the skill level of those new hires assigned to the Supervisor and ensures that the new hire has all of the training and support necessary to be successful. A Death Penalty Department Supervisor relies on their own skills, the program of new hire training, and the skills of others in the Department when training new hires.</li> <li><strong>Employee Development and Enrichment.</strong>&nbsp;A Death Penalty Department Supervisor advises and encourages those who report to the Supervisor to master the skills necessary to advance from an APD1 to an APD4 by providing new lawyer training, by managing the external training sought by the attorneys who report to the Supervisor, and by setting appropriate performance goals for those attorneys.</li> <li><strong>Client Service.</strong>&nbsp; A Death Penalty Department Supervisor supports client service in two ways. First, the Supervisor carries an individual case load that may include client representation in cases on direct appeal, postconviction, federal habeas, clemency, and related ancillary jurisdiction, e.g., investigates, prepares, and files state direct appeal, post-conviction and habeas petitions in the appropriate courts, litigates all issues attendant to that action (i.e., record development, discovery practice, evidentiary hearings, and motion practice; researching&nbsp;and filing&nbsp;an application for executive clemency, preparing the client for a possible interview with the Parole Board and presenting the client&rsquo;s case for commutation before the Parole Board). When assigned as a case attorney, the Supervisor is also assigned as lead counsel, absent special circumstances.&nbsp; This case load is typically 50% of the case load of an APD4.&nbsp; &nbsp;A Death Penalty Department Supervisor also supports client service by acting as a Case Supervisor.</li> </ul>
Position: Assistant Public Defender 4 (Supervising Attorney) – Death Penalty Department
Organization: Office of the Ohio Public Defender
Location: Columbus,  OH 
United States
Salary: The typical starting salary for this position is $74,000
Posting Start Date: 10/6/2021
Date Posted: 10/6/2021
Requirements Admission to Ohio Bar pursuant to Section 4705.01; licensed to practice law for minimum of 5 years; 5 years criminal law experience; prior to appointment as appellate counsel for an indigent defendant in a capital case pursuant to Appt.Coun.R. 5.02 &amp; 5.03, an attorney shall obtain certification from the Commission on Appointment of Counsel in Capital Cases.
Status: This listing expires on: 1/4/2022
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