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Investigator - Special Defense Unit
Job Summary
Defender investigators are responsible for conducting all investigative tasks necessary to prepare a criminal case for trial. Investigators work closely with Defender lawyers, social workers and staff in order to complete the
necessary factual investigations in our client’s criminal cases. Defender investigators must demonstrate a commitment to working on behalf of indigent criminal defendants and be prepared to spend a large amount of
time conducting investigations in the neighborhoods where our clients live.

Major Areas of Responsibility
• Prepare and type clear, concise and grammatically correct investigation reports that may be used in
court proceedings
• Prepare or direct preparation of subpoenas and other court orders
• Work with Defender attorneys, social workers, and staff to conduct all necessary factual investigation
relating to the preparation of criminal cases
• Locate, interview and potentially subpoena witnesses in the field
• Interview witnesses in the office or in custody as needed
• Photograph clients’ injuries in the office and/or after a court order has been obtained for clients who are
in custody
• Photograph and sketch crime scenes
• Communicate with clients concerning necessary investigative tasks
• Conduct investigations via searching various social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tango,
• Demonstrate the ability to locate, save, forward, preserve and otherwise secure information obtained on
social media sites (supporting threads, messages, videos and conversations, etc.) related to criminal
cases which may be used as evidence in court proceedings
• Access and review client cellular phone accounts, review incoming and outgoing call logs and
messaging programs, and secure (screenshot, copy and/or forward) messages and case relative
conversations and threads to secure as evidence
• Serve subpoenas and court orders
• Travel to neighborhood businesses to ascertain availability of video equipment and recordings; when
videos are available, review videos, download, transfer and/or copy to flash drive
• Obtain records: medical, birth, employment, fingerprint cards, criminal extracts, arrest photos, CAD’s
(police assisted radio dispatch printouts)
• Transcribe radio tapes upon request
• Accompany trial attorney to crime scene upon request
• Assist attorneys in various aspects of trial preparation
• Consult with attorneys, as needed
• Testify in court when necessary
• Assist with preparation of exhibits for court hearings
• Must be willing to work evenings, holidays and weekends when necessary
Position: Investigator - Special Defense Unit
Organization: Defender Association of Philadelphia
Location: Philadelphia,  PA 
United States
Posting Start Date:
Date Posted: 2/11/2019
Requirements Qualifications:
• Must be a high school graduate or the equivalent; Associate or Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal
Justice, preferred
Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Ability to independently investigate and pursue leads to their logical conclusion
• Must possess knowledge pertaining to principles and techniques of investigation
• Must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Must have the ability to follow verbal and written instructions
• Ability to read and understand case files
• Must possess interview and interrogation skills
• Familiar with video equipment, and possess the ability to transfer or copy audio/video files from
video equipment and make copies to disk or flash drives
• Ability to recognize inconsistencies/discrepancies indicated in case files and information
obtained through interviews/interrogations
• Ability to use Internet search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yellow/White Pages online )
to obtain information, i.e. locate addresses and telephone numbers of witnesses and businesses
• Ability to understand the intricacies of social media and use information obtained via networks
(i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tango, Skype etc.) to develop and/or support client defenses
• Ability to review, interpret and produce (duplicate records/reports) of records and conversations
conducted using media such as text messaging programs, chat rooms, and blogs
• Ability to effectively interact with Defender staff members, clients, witnesses and other agencies
• Demonstrated commitment to working for and with indigent clients
• Commitment to working as a member of a team striving to provide the best representation to
Defender clients.
• Must have a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license and a current registered vehicle
• Spanish language skills a plus, but not required.
Status: This listing expires on: 5/12/2019
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Organization Information
Defender Association of Philadelphia

Philadelphia,  PA 19102
United States
Cara Gibson


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October 30, 2018: NAPD releases a video about its achievements over the 5 years since forming in November in 2013. This films was coordinated by NAPD Steering Committee Member and San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi and debuted at the Racial Justice Training and 5 Year Celebration in Baltimore, Maryland. You can watch the video HERE

July 1, 2018: General Registration opens for the “WE THE DEFENDERS” TRAINING CONFERENCE,  November 26-29, 2018, Indianapolis, IN

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Due to overwhelming demand, NAPD will again offer this comprehensive Investigator and Social Worker/Sentencing Advocate training experience! The program will include one track for Investigators and a separate track for Social Worker/Sentencing Advocates.  Hear from nationally recognized experts who will share their knowledge on a wide range of topics relevant to the work you do each and every day.  Network with other criminal defense practitioners from around the country and find your tribe. 

January 23, 2018: In response to US Attorney General Jeff Session's reversal of prior policy on the imposition of fines and fees for criminal defendants, NAPD submitted the following letter on behalf of the public defender community. You can read the letter HERE