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June 8, 2020July 10, 2020 Course: Journaling for Peace & Practice
June 8, 2020July 10, 2020 Course: Sustaining Well-Being in Public Defense
June 15, 2020August 7, 2020 Course: Online Train the Trainer - Create Your Own Online Course
June 15, 2020July 17, 2020 Course: Intellectual Disability: Uncovering, Evaluating, and Changing Outcomes

Coming this summer - dates to be determined

Resilient Leadership: Opening the Door and Delighting in the Unknown

For Chief’s and Upper Level Leaders 

Designed and Led by Ed Monahan & Ernie Lewis


Leading During Troubled Times and Beyond

For all level supervisors.   

Version for non-attorney supervisors also available. 

Designed and Led by Lori James-Townes


Exploiting Forensic Evidence’s Tenuous Link to Science

Designed and Led by Jennifer Friedman and Julia Leighton 


The Art of Difficult Conversations

Designed and Led by Elizabeth Miller


Working with Clients Who Challenge Us: Creating Conversations that Build Rapport and Invite Change

Designed and Led by Jeff Chapdelaine


Internet Sleuthing...The Journey

Designed and Led by Jonathan Lyon


Digital Forensics and Sub-Disciplines

Designed and Led by Lars Daniel

Descriptions and Links of Courses With Registration Open

Journaling for Peace & Practice

June 8 - July 10, 2020
Taught online with 6  90 minute small group meetings
Meeting times will be determined by poll of the registrants
Price $145
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Led by Lori James-Townes

Why a Journaling Class?
Some years ago, I participated in a series of journaling workshops and I loved it: writing and sharing stories, prompts, poetry, notebooks, and paper, all of us sitting around a table scratching away. We had writing exercises and prompts and were lost in the joy of sharing stories through writing and words. It was a transformational experience. And now we want to offer it to you. It is about clearing out our minds and getting words on a page and through that process, finding the things that resonant with us. The class will include writing prompts and exercises and the ability to connect in small groups, and self-directed exercises between classes. And perhaps one of the best parts of this workshop is that we’ll be writing in a community, sitting virtually with other journalers who are also exploring, taking risks and sharing stories, building up and supporting each other- which means that there will be some sharing. Of course you are free to pass if you’ve written something sensitive or that you’d rather not share, but part of this workshop will be accountability and support.
In case you need a little motivation, here are a few among many, reasons we write in our journals:
Allows you to own your self-care
  • To clear our minds and increase focus
  • Self-dialogue
  • Writing skills
  • Helps with memory
  • Tap into your inner creativity
  • Cultivate writing practice that lasts forever
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Sustaining Well-Being in Public Defense

June 8 - July 19, 2020
Price $195 for NAPD Members.  $245 for Non-Members
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You will choose one of these small group meeting times
  • Sundays at 5-6 pm Eastern / 2-3 pm Pacific led by Jenny Andrews
  • Tuesdays at 8-9 pm Eastern / 5-6 pm Pacific led by Jenny Andrews
  • Wednesdays at 2-3 pm Eastern/11 am- noon Pacific led by Gina Pruski
Led by Jenny Andrews & Gina Pruski

Working in public defense has very real impacts on our well-being. We must maintain our physical and mental health in order to provide high quality and client-centered representation to the people we represent. However, we face the constant obstacles of working within under-resourced agencies, being exposed to intense trauma, and casework demands that often challenge our boundaries and commitment to self-care. This course will provide an informed and supportive conversation about secondary trauma, moral injury, burnout, self-care, and sustaining motivation to continue this work. This course is for attorneys, investigators and all those who work in indigent defense. Together, we will explore research-based practices to sustain well-being and mitigate the traumatic impacts of public defense work. Drawing from yoga, mindfulness, gratitude practices--and the individual interests of the participants in the class-- we will explore self-care techniques and how to include them in our demanding schedules. Using self-assessments, structured goal setting and reflection, participants will develop individualized strategies to sustain well-being while working in public defense.
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Intellectual Disability: Uncovering, Evaluating, and Changing Outcomes

June 15 - July 17, 2020
Taught online with one 90 minute small group meeting per week
Small Group meeting times will be determined by poll of the registrants
Price $345

Led by Juliet Yackel & Betsy Wilson

It is our mission to ensure that no one with intellectual disability is ever executed or excessively punished. We are dedicated to equipping all members of the defense team with the tools needed to discover, investigate, and effectively litigate intellectual disability.
Live sessions:
Expert presentations
June 15, 2-4 EDT           Attorney Emily Paavola, Legal developments and anatomy of a case
June 22, 2-4 pm EDT     Dr. Marc Tasse, Intellectual disability and its determination; stereotypes & misconceptions. 
June 29, 2-4 pm EDT     Dr. Dan Reschly; Adaptive Behavior; School and Educational History
July 6, 2-4 pm EDT        Leading national expert (IQ)

Optional Small groups to discuss your case will be scheduled by polling the participants
This intensive, two-day training introduces participants to the nuances of investigating and litigating intellectual disability claims and features strategies for overcoming common barriers to identifying and effectively presenting evidence of ID.

Intellectual disability can be difficult to detect. Clients go to great lengths to their disability due to shame and embarrassment, even when it can save their life. Unlike common stereotypes, those with intellectual disability cannot be identified based on their appearance or superficial interactions. Clients may appear “normal” in the context of school, work, family or when we first encounter them as the defendant in a capital prosecution. Education is crucial to overcome these stereotypes.

Investigations face multiple barriers. School records are missing, IQ scores are unavailable or - in some cases - there are multiple IQ scores with widely variable scores. We’ll discuss how to overcome these challenges.

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Online Train the Trainer - Create Your Own Online Course

June 15 - August 7, 2020
Taught online with one 90 minute small group meeting per week
Meeting times will be determined by poll of the registrants
Price $995

Watch the Introduction to the Course Video (17 min)

NAPD is offering its first Public Defender Bring Your Own “Course” Train the Trainer program for the development of distance learning courses for your organizations.   This course will utilize both synchronous and asynchronous instruction methods. Participants will be expected to read materials and watch short videos on your own in preparation for each class meeting. The class will meet in regular online Zoom video conferences and will also use small group breakout sessions during class where you will work on the course that you are developing. We model best practices for you to incorporate into the course you create.   
You will have the option of placing your finished course inside NAPD’s learning management system [LMS].  You will also be able to create a section within NAPD’s LMS for your organization with its own webpage address and design.  After the course you will be able to add additional courses and offer them to your own participants. (Your registration fee for this course includes using NAPD’s LMS for one course and up to 25 active participants in that course. Additional courses and active participants will be available for a reasonable cost to be determined to cover NAPD’s costs with the LMS provider (TalentLMS).
You will be part of a cooperative of public defense trainers from across the nation which provides you the opportunity to copy and modify portions of other courses for your use. 

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