Racial Justice Committee

NAPD's Racial Justice Committee formed in 2016 to specifically tackle issues related to racial disparity and discrimination in the criminal and juvenile justice systems.   

To join the Racial Justice Committee or any of its subcommittee, please email Heather Hall.

The Racial Justice Committee also contains the Trial Litigation Subcommittee. 

The Mission Statement of the Trial Litigation Subcommittee is as follows: The subcommittee will aim to challenge racial bias at every step of the criminal justice system: from policing, to arrest, to prosecution, through sentencing and beyond. In order to fulfill this goal, the subcommittee will collect resources and materials on racial bias in the criminal justice system, partner with similar organizations where appropriate, develop litigation strategies for use by public defenders across the country, develop trainings to share the litigation strategies, engage researchers who can support the work of the subcommittee and work with the other subcommittees to further the mission of the racial justice committee. The ultimate goal of the subcommittee is to give public defenders the tools necessary to bring to the attention of judges, prosecutors and juries the ways in which racial bias disadvantages our clients and to counter that bias to ensure that the criminal justice system is color blind.