Social Worker Meetups

There are a multitude of individuals with different titles performing important, life-changing, client-facing work for persons charged criminally or facing dependency, abuse, or neglect charges in the legal system. Whether a social worker, sentencing advocate, mitigation specialist, dispositional specialist, parent advocate, life history investigator, or person with another title performing this work, examining life histories, bearing witness to and representing client stories, and looking for sentencing alternatives and reentry options is a critical aspect of public defense. 
The Social Worker Meet-Ups (collectively named to include all persons – client-facing workers and mitigation attorneys focused on performing mitigation, life history investigation, dispositional advocacy, parent and juvenile representation with alternative sentencing in mind) are twice-monthly events intended to talk about the issues we uniquely face in our work. We offer a shared space of support, advocacy, innovation, information, discourse, and engagement to help us learn how to do our work at the highest level and to help us learn how to take care of ourselves in the process. Meet-ups occur on Wednesdays at noon eastern (every other week) and can include group discussion on open topics or guest presenters on specific topics. To learn more and receive notice of the meet-ups, please join the NAPD Social Workers group list by sending a blank email HERE or register for meet-ups directly from the NAPD Events page.