We the Defenders: Rise. Resist. Represent Conference

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We The Defenders:
Rise. Resist. Represent.
March 18-20, 2021

Registration is open for NAPD's Virtual Conference
Pricing - Only $50 for a ticket to the entire conference
Click here to purchase bulk tickets 
Click here to purchase individual tickets
      (be sure to check first to see if your office is buying a ticket for you) 
This conference is for all of us. 

Sessions for all job types and specialties in the work of public defense.

The National Public Defense Virtual Conference will provide  over a dozen  topic areas to provide to the wide variety of professions and practice areas in public defense across the country. There will be skills training, but also opportunities to explore innovations, systemic litigation, development research projects - and to network with thousands of colleagues who champion the right to counsel and for the opportunity and dignity of their clients.
Over 125 sessions
Less than 50 cents a session

Recordings will be available shortly after the conference.   Like the Women’s Conference, we will be recording at least 90% of the sessions.  Those not to be recorded will be noted in the description.   These will be available free to everyone registered for the conference till the end of 2021.

To keep costs as low as possible we have not applied for CLE or CEU for this event. We also are not able to verify attendance at individual sessions. We will have dozens of these sessions available for CLE as recordings in May at $10/CLE credit hour.
Free Kick off Concert and Spoken Word Event
March 16

"For the Love of Justice"

Hosted by Danielle Ponder
Check out some of her videos
Poor Man's Pain

Frequently Asked Questions


Please see below for answers to our most frequent questions.   If this doesn’t solve the problem, please send an email to our helpdesk at events@publicdefenders.us.  


Log in Issue:


Forgotten password: https://nationalpublicdefensevirtua2021.sched.com/password-reset to reset your password. Please keep an eye out for an email from National Public Defense Virtual Conference to log in and re-set your password. Sched will not automatically save your password, so make sure you have saved it somewhere that you can remember. 


I’ve registered but have never set a password: 

Please email events@publicdefenders.us. What most likely happened is the automated email from Eventbrite/Sched did not come through OR the process of setting up your Sched account was incomplete, so your account is currently considered “Inactive.” Please email our Events Helpdesk for support. If you have your order confirmation # from Eventbrite, please include that information. 


Your organization bought your ticket and you have not yet registered :

If your organization paid for your ticket, you should have received an email with the promo code and instructions on how to register.   Please check your email for that and follow those instructions.   If you did not receive that email, please check with the contact from your organization.   You do need to follow those instructions and complete the free registration to access the Zoom sessions and materials.  


Are the sessions being recorded?  

Yes, almost all of the sessions are being recorded.   A handful are not at the request of the speakers.   Those not to be recorded will be noted in the description of the session.  


When and where do I find the recordings? 

The recordings will be available within the same schedule you are using for the conference.   The Zoom link will be replaced with a link to the recording.   We have over 100 recordings to edit and post.  They all should be posted by mid April.  We will be posting some everyday to make that goal.  


No CLE or CEU for the live event. 

To keep the cost of the conference as low as possible NAPD has not applied for CLE or CEU for people viewing the event live.   We are also unable to give reports on attendance at particular sessions.  


You may for CLE apply on your own or your organization may have set this up for your state.  

If permitted in your state, you are welcome to apply on your own.  Remember, we are not able to confirm attendance or give certificates.   Some organizations have arranged for CLE for your jurisdiction, please reach out to the contact for your organization if you have any questions.   


You can get CLE for watching the recordings after the conference. 

NAPD is working with the National Academy for Continuing Legal Education to provide CLE for those watching a recording after the conference.    These cost NAPD members only $10 per credit hour to cover the application fees and other costs.  We will send out an email when these are available in May.   


Where do I find help in learning how to navigate the conference online page?


How can I access the schedule and session from my phone. 

  • Download the “Sched” app
  • Search for “NAPD” 
  • Select this conference 


Zoom Background: 

You can download the conference Zoom background for your own use at the links below. 


Facebook Frames:

  1. Go to your Facebook profile picture
  2. Click Update Profile Picture 
  3. Click Add Frame
  4. Search for NAPD 


What are “Sponsors”?

Sponsors are businesses or individuals who have contributed to the costs of the conference and provided for scholarships.  Please visit their pages.  Many have “open table talk” times and/or a form you can use to sign up to speak with a representative.  


What are “Justice Organizations”

Many of our speakers are connected with other organizations.   The Justice Organization page is a listing of those organizations with details for you.   Please check out the resources on that page.

Views and Opinions:  

The views and opinions expressed conference speakers are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the National Association for Public Defense 


NAPD joins public defense training directors across the country in this commitment to diversity and inclusion: 

Public Defender educators have the honor and the obligation to develop excellence in representation by criminal defenders, family defenders and other advocates for accused people. We believe unambiguously that black lives matter. Police brutality must end. Our voices must be used to amplify the stories of black and brown people targeted and terrorized by the legal system every day.

The role of trainers is to shape the culture of the community doing this vital work. As trainers, we are committed to diversity and inclusion. To that end, we are dedicated to recruiting, developing, and encouraging people of color to seek roles as training directors, faculty members, and leaders throughout the defender community. We are devoted to creating programs with diverse participants and trainers.

Our training efforts will consistently include education regarding anti-racism, implicit bias, and advocacy designed to dismantle white supremacy throughout the legal system. We commit to examine our own biases and blindspots and create opportunities for others to do the same. We will not stand in silence, exacerbating the profound inequities in the legal system. We will speak; we will train and support our advocates to speak as well with strong, intentional voices in an effort to change a system that has consistently failed communities of color. We cannot continue to ignore the foundations of racism and brutality which continue to plague our nation, but instead face them and declare that enough is enough. Change is long past due. We will no longer be satisfied by the status quo. We are dedicated to providing leadership in making change, not only in this moment, but going forward in establishing sustained and meaningful progress toward equality and humanity.